An accessory worn at any occasion, in many ways, and by many people, a shawl is quite possibly the most versatile piece of fabric. Shawls have adorned women throughout history and in all parts of the world. No matter if it’s worn to the opera, a small dinner party, or a wedding, a shawl adds an elegance and panache to the wearer. If you are thinking of donning a shawl on your wedding day, you can find great, affordable pieces on our Bridepower website. Read on to find out just how perfect a shawl can be on your big day.

There are myriad reasons one wears a shawl. Some brides need one for religious purposes — the location could require them to cover their arms. Some brides would like to cover that area because it’s a place of discomfort, and they don’t want to be thinking about it while they’re celebrating at their reception. Some brides hold their weddings during winter months and would like to have the additional coverage for warmth if they decide to take pictures outside. No matter what the reasoning, a shawl can be used for so many different purposes.

For those who are searching for a shawl for their winter wedding, our experience shows that a fur wrap is a fashionable way to stay warm. This faux fur bridal wrap, reminiscent of a fairy tale, provides an elegant element of warmth without detracting from your dress! Fur has always been associated with high fashion and wealth, so add a touch of class to your dress and warm up your big day with one of our faux fur wraps!

Many brides choose to wear a wrap because they are self-conscious about their arms and would like to feel effortlessly elegant throughout the day. A chiffon wrap is a perfect solution to that problem! Chiffon is a lightweight, gauzy fabric that will conceal but breathe while you’re mobile and actively chatting with guests. This style has a metallic weave and will just lightly shine. You can leave your shawl draped around your arms, or you can fasten it with a pin in the front to keep it in place. Don’t change your perfect dress just because you’d like to cover your arms — a shawl is all you need!

Some brides choose to wear a shawl without a specific purpose. Many can appreciate the simple elegance and sophistication it offers. A shawl can be an easy way to add design or a pop of color to your bridal look, and it lends an appearance of relaxed comfort. You can get a shawl in the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses — or your entire party can wear shawls! We offer a variety of styles on our website because we know it’s one of the best discount bridal gown accessories around. Find your perfect shawl today!

As bridal enthusiasts, we have all watched those bridal shows on television where a bride says yes to a dress that’s over $20,000. When our own day comes, we likely won’t have that kind of money to spend, but we’d love to feel just as beautiful. Luckily, there are wedding gown designers who put an emphasis on value and quality — they do this so all of us don’t have to lose our assets to buy our perfect dress. Here we provide you with a comprehensive list of all the hottest names in bridal that give you the most dress for your dollar.

Most Variety

Allure Bridals is on top of the bridal industry at the moment. Winning award after award for its designs, it is well-known for the gowns and the price points they bring. Likely the most recognizable name in mainstream bridal, Allure showcases a huge variety of looks — from short to long, from full to slim, from detailed to bare — and makes sure it has it all and has it at every price point. Dresses start around $1,000 and go up to more than $6,000, so they fill a niche many designers don’t. You are sure to find something that tickles your fancy with Allure!

High-End Looks at a Low-End Price

Four fantastic designers fit into this category: Jasmine Bridal, Mori Lee, Stella York, and White by Vera Wang. They all bring different looks to the table, and their price ranges fall between $500 and $2,500. These designers offer a host of high-end styles but make sure not to price them as such. Their goal is to show brides gowns that they won’t find repeated elsewhere — they cater to the slightly less-everyday woman. If you want a couture look but you’re on a strict budget, they just might have your perfect dress!

Trendy and Unusual

Without a doubt, Casablanca Bridal and Maggie Sottero are in a league of their own. While trendy, their designs have a noticeably classic look about them that makes all their brides swoon. Their price point starts at $1,000 and reaches up to $3,000, and they keep up with the latest crazes because they want to dress today’s modern brides. Wedding fashionistas will fall in love with these lines!

Discount Designs From Department Stores

When the bridal industry got word that department stores were entering into our territory, we weren’t sure what to expect. However, over time they have made their mark and bring styles to brides that national retailers do not. J.Crew and BHLDN from Anthropologie have both made very strong names for their pieces (literally and figuratively), and they keep climbing the ranks. Sheath and minimalism populate their lines today, with prices between $500 and $3,000. Now all brides can enjoy their regular garments and their bridal garments.

Every girl dreams of finding the perfect dress at the perfect price. And not everyone has to spend $20,000 in order to feel worthy. That’s why designers like the ones above even exist. They all offer different styles but all strive to make them at a lower price. Here at Bridepower, we carry many of these wedding gown designers at even lower prices because we firmly believe that every girl deserves the luxury of wearing a gorgeous piece without breaking the bank. Browse our website to see some of the best discount bridal looks from these value-minded designers!

Wedding invitations are often the first reflection a guest sees of the blushing couple’s chosen wedding colors, as well as traditional versus modern style choices. An elegant wedding invitation also provides loved ones with a wonderful keepsake of your special day. Many brides choose invitations detailed with ribbons or tulle, which complements her color and style choices for the wedding party, flowers, and other important details. Just like every bride and wedding varies slightly, so will every invitation. Some brides choose a beautifully ornate, lacy wedding dress and thus deem it only appropriate for the invitation to include lace and delicateness as well, while other brides choose modern, simple yet elegant wedding gowns and therefore desire invitations with the same modern, simply elegant tones.

Since you have likely already distributed save-the-date cards, it is an absolute must to include all the important details in your invitations. There are a wide range of often-forgotten specifics that guests will truly appreciate you remembering. These include availability and accessibility details for guests requiring wheelchair access or other assistance, dietary or menu information for those with special dietary restrictions and needs, and secondary locations for the reception, particularly if the distance between points is somewhat considerable. Perhaps guests will choose to carpool to save themselves some stress, time, and fuel costs. Guests who are traveling into town from faraway places will also appreciate that you have given them adequate time and information to plan their trip well enough in advance to save them money and hassle.

Our partner for discount wedding invitations,, offers a wide range of services, including your choice of nearly 200 wedding invitation options. Styles revolve around themes, like hearts, nautical, religious, contemporary, destination, and whimsical. Two popular styles of heart invitations are the T8244, featuring hot pink highlights and an elegant carriage; and T8281PC, adorned with a satin ribbon and a twosome of peacock-colored hearts. A beautiful and popular nautical invitation is the TD600, which has the happy couple’s names and wedding date drawn in the sand on a beach. The two most popular religious invitations are the T9669, decorated with an arrangement of emerald roses and a Bible against bright white paper; and the T690, designed simply with the traditional imagery of silver wedding rings topping a pearl Bible, also against bright white paper. Contemporary choices include the T3704LT, a bright white invitation detailed and embossed with a beautiful floral pattern and a simple satin ribbon, available in a wide range of colors. For an autumn wedding in the woods, one might choose the popular TD118EM, detailed beautifully in an emerald autumnal leaf pattern, while another couple may choose TD120EM for a luxurious evening wedding, featuring a detailed Moroccan-inspired pattern and black pockets. For a couple in search of something a bit more whimsical, the cute T1320 is stamped with daisies and adorned with lime foil with a casual, fun font.

The amazing array of wedding dresses available at 50 to 80 percent lower than retail price on complement all of these invitations quite well and will also fit perfectly with any invitation you and your future spouse choose. We even cut 20 percent off the price tag for Bridepower brides. Just remember, despite the grand importance of choosing the right invitation for your nuptials, the ultimate goal is to have the most joyous, momentous day imaginable with the least amount of stress possible. Make the invitation and other important detail decisions as quickly as possible, and it is likely the rest will fall into place. Never lose sight of the end goal of sharing the rest of your life with the one you love and sharing that love with the other most important people in your life. Make it memorable!

2015 has meant great change for bridal. Here at Bridepower, we have seen designers’ looks evolve drastically in spring lines – manufacturers famous for certain styles are now mixing things up to produce fresh, trendy pieces. Mikaella by Paloma Blanca is one designer to highlight whose looks have progressed to fit the demands of the modern bride. The collection was slated to have its normal array of silhouettes and detailing, but instead it released looks that surprised all.

Mikaella’s line has six simple satin gowns with straps. All fit and flare silhouettes, they feature little beading or lace and plain skirts. Deep backs adorn each of these, and some looks have illusion boat necks with slight decoration. Little fabric and structure make up these pieces, which translates into very clean lines and easy fits. Styles 1965, 1964, 1963, 1957, 1955, and 1954 all cater to the minimalist bride who believes that less is more!

Style 1956 is a look in which many brides have expressed interest. Delicate Chantilly lace scrolls beautifully underneath soft layers of tulle for a romantic, effortless gown. This type of trend-setting dress is perfect for an outdoor ceremony with a bohemian, natural twist. Very little fabric makes up this A-line style, ensuring total comfort while wearing it. Style 1956 is a look not seen from the hands of Mikaella stylists before; it’s just another surprising piece from their spring line.

A great semi-informal fit and flare, style 1952 offers a modern take on a classic design. Naked lace embroidery runs throughout the gown, with beading concentrated at the waist. Simple elegance epitomizes 1952, with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps as a delicate addition. Exposed boning across the midriff is accented with a rhodium sash that ties against the low back. What a beautiful look to wear to your 2015 wedding!

Style 1952 follows in the footsteps of 1951, with minimal fabric and delicate detailing. This gown holds a V-neckline and the same fit and flare silhouette. On the back, a beautiful lace keyhole opens up the dress and creates a breathtaking effect. A similar rhodium belt adorns the waistline. 1951 is another stunner from the spring line!

Hitting home with more traditional brides, style 1959 also nods to the trends of today. Lace and organza encompass this dress, and the full A-line skirt is one of a handful spotted in the entire collection. The neckline falls just across the shoulder as an illusion portrait neckline, a beautiful throwback look for any bride searching for vintage notes on her dream dress. A ribbon belt accents the waist and ties into a bow at the sheer, deep back. Traditional modernity perfectly describes style 1959.

Although Mikaella’s spring 2015 line was a bit of a surprise, we at Bridepower loved the minimalist looks that came from its stylists. 2015 is a year of change for bridal, and these gowns for spring and summer are different but absolutely gorgeous in their own way. Bridal is never the same season to season, and we’re excited to see what comes next!

After you have chosen your perfect dress, the next step in the process includes finding the perfect discount bridesmaid gowns to accompany yours. Although Bridepower does not carry looks for your leading ladies, they are still a major part of your day. The tradition of having bridesmaids dates all the way back to ancient Rome, a time when superstitions ran high. Ten maids stood next to the bride to protect her from evil spirits that might try to harm her. Their aim was to look almost identical to the bride; that way bad spirits would be foiled when trying to pick out which one she was. Times have really changed since then, as has the role of maids.

Each season, bridesmaid trends progress and develop into something new and different. Below is a countdown to the hottest trends for your ladies in 2015!

7. Soft Pallets

Whether you choose blush, mocha, ivory, or taupe, neutral tones for your girls offer a romantic, dressy feel to your pictures. These soft colors are the perfect backdrop for you, accenting your dress without overshadowing it. Plus, you can accent with essentially any color in flowers or in decoration. Your girls will look dreamy and airy in a minimalist pallet.

6. Light Fabrics

An ongoing trend, light fabrics are the easiest for your ladies to wear. Not only comfortable, chiffons and tulles are extremely flattering and easy to dance in. Bobbinet is a newer fabric hitting the bridal markets, and its bigger weave resembles netting. Bobbinet is a softer, less durable fabric that will still look great in a cathedral or in the woods. Make your bridesmaids love you and choose a chiffon, tulle, or bobbinet dress!

5. Cutout Backs

In line with the bridal gown trend, cutout backs for your ladies are ever growing in popularity. Showing a smidgen of back lends a romantic feel to any airy bridesmaid gown. This small detail is a great addition to the back of any simple gown and gives guests a piece to admire while you’re saying your vows.

4. One-Shoulders

When it comes to comfort, security, and being on-trend, one-shoulders really accomplish it all. If your party is a range of different shapes and sizes, a single strap will please nearly every figure. Fuller busts will feel fully covered, and smaller busts will feel held in and secure. Plus, one-shoulders can be styled so differently! These straps can come across the front, they can simply sit on the shoulder, they can be illusion or solid – and the possibilities for back detail are endless. If you pick a one-shoulder dress, you’ll make your maids very happy.

3. Prints

This is a trend that could take a few seasons to hit the mainstream. Printed bridesmaid dresses, when put together correctly, are a fun and flirty accent to your bridal gown. Some brides are simply dressing their most important maids in prints and the rest in a coordinating solid, while some brides dive right into putting everyone in a print. There are geometric prints available for your girls, but there are also floral prints, lined designs, and many others for them to choose from. Add a little pizazz to your party with prints!

2. Infinity Dresses

Often called the “convertible dress,” this type of gown has long straps or panels that can be manipulated into different preferred necklines. Just now hitting the mainstream designers, the infinity dress ensures every bridesmaid is comfortable and happy in her gown. And it makes the dress really easy to wear again!

1. No More Uniformity

Surprisingly, brides no longer want to see their maids wearing the same dress in the same color. Some brides just give their girls a color pallet and let them choose a dress within it, while other brides pick a designer and fabric and then give their bridesmaids options in that line. The ombre color spectrum is very popular, and some brides go for all different textures – lace, chiffon, sequins, cotton, etc. When done correctly, this trend looks effortless, but it’s not as easy as it appears. It becomes successful when brides are willing to invest more time and effort into putting it together!

No longer there to keep you safe from demonic forces, your bridesmaids should complement you and your dress. The above list is just a few trends coming out of the woodwork, and there are more up-and-coming looks that can wow your guests. Ultimately, your bridesmaids love you and will wear whatever you tell them to, so if you find yourself worrying about what they’ll wear – don’t. They’re up there with you for a reason, so put them in something you find beautiful!

What makes Bridepower so passionate about the bridal industry is not only being able to provide brides with beautiful discount wedding gowns but also seeing how the trends change from year to year. Nothing ever remains constant — for instance, five years ago it was very difficult to locate a gown with straps. Looks change consistently and quickly, so people must turn to bridal designers’ newest lines to keep up with the latest and greatest gowns. Below is a summary of the styles forthcoming in 2015.

1. Straps

A trend that has not yet faded, straps on dresses are only evolving and getting stronger. A few years ago, cap sleeves and keyhole backs were all the rage. Now, portrait necklines with off-the-shoulder detailing are popping up. What a blast from the past! V-straps are still hot on the market, although the plunge continues getting deeper and deeper. If you don’t mind showing a little chest, 2015 is your year to find your dress! Another look shown is collars and cold shoulder halters — this is a phenomenal neckline for girls with wider shoulders. If you want eye-catching detail everywhere on your dress, embroidered illusion backs are still showing very strongly as well.


2. Wispy and Ethereal

Continuing into 2015, the sheath silhouette seems to be more popular than ever. Whether your nuptials will take place in a cathedral or in the Caribbean, the boho and beach chic styles are a very comfortable and figure-flattering choice. Designers are taking minimalism very seriously this year, and they’re removing layers of fabric and crinoline. The Great Gatsby looks are included in this group, with sleek shapes and heavy beading. Looking for as little dress as possible? This is your year!

3. New Colors

While blush, light gold, and champagne are still big in the bridal world, new hues are being introduced, and it’s easy to fall head over heels for them! For the non-traditional brides out there who never envisioned themselves in a white dress, now you have brown, blue, gray, and even mint to choose from. The variety of tones is steadily growing, which means a colored dress is more and more becoming the norm. A colored gown is a creative way to introduce all kinds of colors into your big day!

4. Two in One

The two-in-one dress is a specialty design that usually consists of a detachable tulle overskirt that, when taken off, reveals a shorter length or a slimmer silhouette. Slowly creeping into the market, this is a great bang-for-your-buck gown. You can surprise your guests by wearing one look to the ceremony and another look to the reception!

5. Coverage and Outerwear

From capes to shawls to furry jackets, outerwear is steadily increasing in popularity. Our website has a large variety of shawl styles for you to choose from. The fur cape has always been a strong piece in weddings during colder months, but now there are full-length capes that become a beautiful, gauzy accessory to your dress. Ivory jackets are another wonderful invention to keep warm or just to make a fashion statement! Long shawls can be wrapped multiple times around the arms and even around the head — when you’re a bride, any fashion statement is possible to make!

2015 is predicted to be a year of daring new looks and daring new brides. Couture bridal gowns are no longer just for the wealthy or the famous! These bold styles are inching their way into the mainstream. If you pick your wedding dress in 2015, you’re sure to have a variety of things to choose from; and if you find the perfect gown on, you’ll get a fashion-forward 2015 look at an affordable price!

Let’s face it: Everyone loves getting a great deal on an item. Whether it’s on something as small as a piece of jewelry to something as big as a wedding dress, sales are tempting. There’s a long-running fallacy, however, that finding something at a discount means getting a sub-par product. That is not the case, especially with wedding gowns! As long as you obey the following rules, you are guaranteed to get the gown of your dreams at a dreamy price.

The Budget

First, you’ll need to set your budget. Find out how much money you can contribute to your gown, along with everything else for the big day. Next, you need to stick to that budget. There’s no such thing as an “unlimited budget,” as there’s always a cap. It’s no longer trendy to go into deep debt to pay off your bridal gown. You can find something at a good price.

The Research

Once you find that magic number, do some research. Find your desired look, and then see how much it retails for in stores. If it’s out of your budget, keep an open mind on the overall style. Sometimes your fashion taste will gravitate toward gowns that will always exceed your maximum allowance. See if it is going on sale anytime soon! Or try to find something like it made by a designer who’s a little more cost-effective.

The Gown

Look into buying a gown off the rack. It’s a great way to find a beautiful dress at a great price, and you get to take it home the day you buy it! Saying “yes” to an off-the-rack style doesn’t mean you’re settling — it’s actually very easy to find a dress in perfect condition available for immediate purchase. is an apt example of this. We provide brides with beautiful, nearly new styles at slashed prices. Consider perusing our website!

Another great option to look into is trying on looks from department stores, many of which sell very inexpensive wedding dresses. You’ll get a brand new gown, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In addition, there are a few more ways to find a cheap gown. Filene’s Basement has its annual Running of the Brides. Just have your eyes peeled and be ready to fight the crowds! Also, you can go online and search for used dresses. Many brides post their wedding gowns on sites (including our private seller classifieds) to resell them. It could be your something borrowed! If those two options aren’t for you, consider renting a dress.

There are myriad ways to find a gown at a wonderful price, and the list above provides you with a few avenues through which to do so. Brides no longer break the bank when they choose their dress, especially after studies were released stating that an expensive wedding day does not mean a lasting marriage. See our article on why a cheap wedding equals a happy marriage. So use the list, do a little research, and find your perfect dress at the perfect price!

Struggling to put together the theme of the big day? Some looks are more difficult to put together than others — designing requires a bit of finesse, and not all are born with the talent. So if you’re still wondering how to put your special day together and it’s drawing ever closer, fear no more! Luckily for you left-minded people, over the last few years, bridal trends have leaned toward a theme that requires little decorating knowledge: rustic vintage. Below are some ideas to help you piece together the day’s vision!

The rustic theme began to take hold of the bridal realm half a decade ago and is meant to invoke a feeling of the outdoors even if your guests are inside. So for you, that means lots of flowers, wood, and neutral tones. This does not mean you are obligated to hold your nuptials outdoors, of course!

The Gown

Your bridal gown is, as always, the most important part of this day. That means that what you wear should follow this theme. You should begin looking for a gown with lace, tulle or organza, and a general vintage appeal. Your silhouette is up to you, but most women choose a sheath or fit and flare style. Tulle and organza are two fabrics that feel and look extraordinarily soft. Something with a strap and a detailed back is always a fun choice. If you’d like to explore a bit more adventurous of an option, consider finding a gown in a pastel color!

Color Scheme

For color schemes, there are certain pallets to choose from. If you’re a bit of a girly girl, you can do shades of pink — from as light as blush to as bold as fuchsia. These tones can easily be matched with multi-shaded bouquets, and many bridesmaid gowns will come in a variety of pinks. If you’re not looking to create a pink wedding, the hot pallet of 2014 was blush pink mixed with gold, champagne, and ivory. These tones bring out a certain feminine and earthy feeling when placed together. The overall scheme for your rustic wedding should remind your guests of lightness and their connection with the earth.


In a rustic vintage wedding, the more flowers the better! They add softness to the atmosphere. Many women use lots of baby’s breath — it’s a great way to cut the flower cost a little, too. If you have the means, maybe incorporate a few succulents into the bouquets and centerpieces. They look clean and have an aged appearance.

Recently, rustic and bohemian have been going hand-in-hand. Bohemian often has a more casual feel, with floral wreaths and simpler gowns. Usually, this is more scaled down and earthy — for example, many women go barefoot underneath their gown. If you’re on a stricter budget, bohemian might be the way to go!

Rustic weddings are always a gorgeous choice. So if you’re having trouble, consider going this route! DIY decorations are often an apt addition to the ambiance, so you can get a little creative for the big day. Inside this scheme, you can even get sparkly with some sequins and glitter. So get inspired, and make your big day rustic and vintage!

Bridepower strives to provide all things wedding at a wonderful price — whether you’re a traditional bride or not, our goal is to carry what you’re looking for. Wedding trends are constantly changing, which means we’re always updating our inventory. Increasingly, brides have requested alternative looks to the traditional veil. These looks include hats and fascinators, and they’ve quickly become one of the latest bridal trends!

Hats vs. Fascinators

A lesson on accessories: Hats are different from fascinators. Bridal hats sit atop the head and have some sort of brim. Fascinators are on a clip or comb and make a separate fashion statement. Hats are an older, vintage choice, whereas fascinators are an updated, European throwback. Each type has its desirable aspects and can be your perfect hair adornment if you don’t want to wear a bridal veil.

History of Hats and Fascinators

Hats and fascinators are an historical part of fashion. The ebb and flow of the hat trend will always continue. However, fascinators have almost always been a hot look. The fascinator dates all the way back to the 1300s, when women used to gather their hair into Princess Leia side buns and slide in brooches with expensive fabrics and jewels sewn on for effect.

That hair accessory went through slight modifications over the centuries until 18th century Europe transformed it into what is now the modern fascinator. Women of royalty began adorning their hair with feathers, fruits, and miniature garden scenes in order to express their mood. These were especially popular in France at the time, called pouf au sentiments. They then gained the name “fascinator” in the 20th century simply because they didn’t muss up the hair like the standard hat.

The headwear looks you’ll see on our website include these fashionable fascinators. If the bridal veil doesn’t interest you, your wallet will thank you — you won’t spend nearly as much for your accessory. We’ve made these gorgeous pieces available to you at a discounted price, so you won’t have to break the bank to get the style you want. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars for these headpieces at a bridal salon, while we at Bridepower offer them to you at a very affordable cost.

Brides, you are not the only ones who can adorn your hair on the big day! Ask your mothers or grandmothers if they would like to wear hats or fascinators for the wedding. With the elegant, vintage appeal of hats, that may be the question they’re waiting for! Especially if you’re wearing one in your hair, the bridal party may want to coordinate with their own feathery headdresses. If you like that idea, make your wedding a Brit-chic affair, and request that all of your guests get a fun little hair adornment!

Alternative to Bridal Veil

Hats and fascinators are wonderful alternatives to the traditional bridal veil. If you consider your wedding more adventurous, then take the plunge and get one of our fashionable (and reasonably priced) fascinators! There’s only one thing to bear in mind: You’re wearing the accessory; don’t let the piece overwhelm you or the look you’ve put together. Wear something that expresses your mood and personality, and have a little fun with your hair! Hats off to you!

At Bridepower, our goal is to make every bride’s life a little easier and more affordable. Planning a wedding can be stressful! Wouldn’t it be nice if everything — local DJs, caterers, cakes, travel agents — were all in one place so you could check everything off your list right away? Well, it sounds like you need to go to a bridal show! If you’ve never attended a bridal show in the past, they’re the mecca for companies in your area looking to meet your every wedding need. As we said before, our goal is to make your life simpler, so we’ve put together a list of the largest bridal shows in different regions of the United States. Register for the event closest to your home, and start scratching the major things off that list!


At the Luxury Bridal Expo of Chicago and Milwaukee, you can literally plan your wedding all in one day! It’s the largest show in the Midwest, and vendors come from surrounding states like Indiana and Iowa to be part of this huge event. You will walk up aisles and aisles of cakes, flowers, dresses, DJs, caterers, and more. The runway show with top couture designers will provide you with the exact vision for yourself and your bridal party on your big day. Running from January through November 2015, this year-round event will give you everything you need to plan your perfect wedding.

East Coast

Running from January through August 2015, A Bridal Affair to Remember runs large bridal shows throughout the tri-state area. It features local vendors, so you can witness and taste everything yourself before making final decisions for your big day. With live music playing and models walking throughout the expo wearing the latest bridal designs, there will always be things to see. With free admission and a honeymoon trip given away at every event, why wouldn’t you go?

The South

If you reside in the South, Elite Events puts on one of the biggest bridal events from January through September 2015. Most of these shows can be found in Georgia and Alabama. At each event, you will meet and learn more about local vendors — this includes tasting delicious samples of foods and cakes from the Southern culinary creators, listening to fine tunes from DJs, visualizing yourself in beautiful bridal designs, and more! You’ll never be bored at the event, especially with a bridal runway show that sports the latest looks. When you register for the event, Elite Events will not only provide a free one-year subscription to Bride’s Magazine, but it will also enter you in a contest with a chance to win a honeymoon trip!

West Coast

A gigantic bridal show that occurs on one weekend all over the West Coast, Wedding Show Weekend is certainly a behemoth. On Saturday, Feb. 28, and Sunday, March 1, golf courses and country clubs in California, Oregon, and New Mexico will host this extravaganza like no other. The 2nd annual Wedding Show Weekend provides you Western brides with premiere local vendors and designers so you’re fully prepared to plan your special day. A total of $30,000 in giveaway prizes and free admission are two good reasons why you should feel tempted to go — and two lucky people will receive $10,000 to put towards a club or course of their choice in the network. You won’t want to miss this event!