There was a time when sending off the bride and groom required little more than good wishes and a box of Uncle Ben’s. No more. Now there are wedding ceremony send-offs as the couple leaves the church/venue/beach and reception send-offs as they figuratively or literally leave to embark on their honeymoon.

In many cases, the send-off is more than just a grand exit symbolic of starting a new life together — it also doubles as a well-orchestrated photo op. So the goal is to devise a fun send-off that complements the couple’s personality and makes a great memory and even better picture. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Whimsical, colorful, and photogenic, bubbles have become a popular send-off accessory. Bubbles work best during the day, and one photographer says that for the best visual, have guests and the bridal party start blowing bubbles before the couple emerges from the church or reception venue. That way, the air is filled with floating balls of happy.

A word of warning: A blizzard of bubbles has to land somewhere and can lead to slippery steps. So make sure the bride and groom tread lightly so they don’t spend their honeymoon in a walking cast.

Go Low-Tech

Let it take a village to send off the happy couple. Have the bridal party and any willing guests stand in two lines facing each other, then have each pair make an arch with their arms (think pee wee softball) to create a kind of send-off tunnel.

The Rice Alternatives

Tradition has it that the rice grains were supposed to bestow fertility. But there are more colorful alternatives. You can buy eco-confetti at party stores (which dissolves in water when hosed away), or you can buy colored paper and make your own using a hole punch. Some couples put packets of the confetti into the front of the wedding program so it’s right at hand for after the ceremony.

You can also toss rose or other kinds of flower petals, channel your inner rhythmic gymnast and wave ribbon wands, or toss beach balls, especially appropriate at a beach wedding. Lavender buds are growing in popularity because they are both eco-friendly and fragrant.

Ring Them Bells

Hand out bells so guests can literally ring in the new marriage.

Light Up the Night

Night send-offs offer different opportunities, such as colorful wish lanterns, glow sticks, or tiki torches. Right now the most popular evening send-off has to be sparklers. They can be used as de facto torches lighting the couple’s way. They can be grouped on the ground to form a photo op heart or spell out a message. Visually, sparklers at night are dramatic and fun, and photographed properly, they make for stunning pictures.

Getaway Vehicle

While many newlywed couples may consider limos the ultimate send-off ride, it really depends on the personality of the bride and groom. Pretty much anything that rolls, floats, or flies can work: a horse-drawn carriage, a motorcycle, a hot-air balloon, a two-seater bike, jet skis, a classic car, a Prius, or a speedboat. The point is for the couple to stay true to their personalities and styles.


It seems everyone has a different picture of what the perfect wedding gown looks like. The Fall 2014 Collection for Sottero and Midgley is absolutely no exception. There is something in this collection for almost anyone, from a young, traditionally styled bride-to-be to a hip, middle-aged woman who has a taste for Old Hollywood. It’s all here, as we profile the bulk of this collection. And for those looking for a great discount on a previous Sottero and Midgley dress release, check out our in-stock selections.

Heirloom Style Dresses


With its intricately exquisite beading, this fit-and-flare gown is a perfect picture of both old and new. It has the elegance and romance reminiscent of days gone by, allowing the bride to almost feel like she is wearing an heirloom dress. All the while, the cold-shoulder cap sleeves add a level of excitement and anticipation. The neckline and shoulder straps feature Swarovski crystals, perfectly transporting the bride to the role of a princess from the past. The scoop neckline adds style and appeal, with a classic finish of a crystal button and zipper. This gown is available in an ivory/silver accent over light gold as well as white/silver accent and ivory/silver accent.


This dress is another one reminiscent of classical styling and romance. The illusion neckline shows a bit less skin than the Ettiene gown while still offering the same dramatic appeal with a complimenting back treatment. This dress is intricate yet simple at the same time, embellished with sequins and embroidered lace over a separate Valentina satin slip dress. It is available with a Monroe slip dress featuring a dramatic low back or a raised back satin slip dress and comes in ivory over light gold as well as white and ivory.


Following the same feel of the previous two gowns, this romantic dress is embroidered with heirloom lace appliqués on tulle over a Roma satin sheath. This dress is an honorary throwback to mid-20th century brides, as though the bride is donning her mother or grandmother’s dress, but with some added fancy touches. The gown features an illusion portrait neckline above a plunging V-neckline, detailed with covered buttons and a modestly low back. An optional full-length, embroidered tulle veil is available with this gown, and the gown itself is available in ivory over light gold as well as ivory.


The Marisol is reminiscent of a mid-century wedding dress, but with the modern-day touch the sparkling Swarovski crystal-beaded waistband offers, this dress mixes the old with the new perfectly. Sparkling metallic accents line the entirety of the tulle sheath overlay, which is covered with delicately embroidered lace. The Marisol is available in ivory/gold accent over pearl as well as white/silver accent over white and ivory/gold accent over ivory.

Young, Yet Traditional


The Sorrento is a fit-and-flare gown with a young yet traditional look, hugging the body tastefully with asymmetrical ruching and opal organza. The endless volume found in the raw edge layered skirt appears to go on and on. If desired, an opal organza belt adorned with handmade Swarovski crystal floral embellishment is available. An inner corset closure is finished with covered buttons and zipper.


Another young but traditional piece is the Viera gown. This dramatically romantic dress features lace on tulle with stunning Swarovski crystals sprinkled on in all the right places. The embroidered lace hemline and sweetheart neckline turn the temperature up and send the romance soaring. This intricately designed gown has optional detachable cap sleeves and is finished with a covered button and an inner corset zipper closure. The Viera is available in ivory over light gold as well as white and ivory.


For an elegant, slimming look, the young traditionalist bride-to-be may want to look to this A-line dress. The corded lace on crystal tulle is simple yet stunning with an absolutely gorgeous sweetheart neckline. The illusion back is tasteful and beautiful, and the waist features a grosgrain ribbon belt with a Swarovski crystal brooch. The Jennifer is finished with a covered button over a zipper closure and is featured in ivory over soft blush as well as in ivory.

Old Hollywood


If the bride-to-be desires an Old Hollywood vibe, this dress has it. This romantic sheath dress is less heirloom and more glamorous, embellished at the waist with Swarovski crystals. The bodice is draped beautifully with elegant crossover Paris chiffon. The open back adds inviting appeal while the Swarovski crystal cap sleeves add another touch of elegance. The dress is finished tastefully with a crystal button over zipper closure and is available in ivory as well as white.


For more dramatic beauty, the Clementine gown keeps with the Old Hollywood vibe of the Rosemary while adding sophistication and boldness with metallic embroidered floral lace appliqués. The neckline is tastefully adorned with Swarovski crystal beading in this beautiful sheath draped over tulle. Its keyhole back elevates the drama and sophisticated appeal and is finished with a zipper closure. The Clementine is available in pearl with silver/gold accent as well as in ivory with silver/gold accent.


The Constance keeps some of the Old Hollywood feel yet is a classy, modern interpretive sheath made of dramatic Desta satin. The mandarin collar allows the bride a bit of tasteful modesty, but the heat is turned up most certainly when the bride shows off the captivating keyhole back. The waist is beautifully adorned with a Swarovski crystal belt and is finished with a zipper enclosure. This dress is available in ivory as well as in white.


This dress is a delightful combination of Old Hollywood and the look of a true princess. This elegant A-line gown is a decadent indulgence for any bride who wishes to feel like royalty on her special day, with metallic beading on tulle as well as shimmering Swarovski crystals. The beaded lace cap sleeves are detachable and optional, and the dress is finished with inner elastic and a covered button over a zipper closure. The Irena is available in soft blush/pewter accent as well as in ivory/pewter accent.


The Hampton is similar to the Irena but a bit less dramatic. There is still shimmer and shine, however, as this A-line gown is beautifully adorned with beaded embroidered lace appliqués as well as twinkling Swarovski crystals, which cover the entire length of the dress. The gown features a half-open back, tank straps, and an illusion tulle V-neckline, and it is finished tastefully with covered buttons over a zipper closure. The Hampton is available in champagne/pewter accent as well as in ivory/pewter accent.


The Cayleigh is a bolder, breathtaking A-line gown still keeping a bit of Old Hollywood style and adding considerably inviting appeal with a deep sweetheart neckline. The absolutely gorgeous beaded embroidery on tulle is draped over Celia organza, and a more than generous sparkle is provided by beautiful Swarovski crystals. There are optional detachable cap sleeves available, as well as a corset closure or a zipper over inner corset closure complete with crystal buttons. The Cayleigh is available in ivory/silver accent or white/silver accent.


The Viola transports the bride-to-be to the days of Old Hollywood romance and sophistication. This dress does not push the envelope for drama but offers simple, stunning glamour with a drop cowl neck, detailed with Swarovski crystals as well as crystal embellishments on both the bodice and shoulder straps. The Makoe satin sheath is finished with a side zipper and is available only in diamond white.


The Vivien is a Mikado fit-and-flare gown and an apparent mixture of Old Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn-style class and modern sophistication, featuring a tiered train and a deliciously soft scoop neckline. This gown not only offers the bride-to-be boldness and the right sort of drama to turn every head in the room, it also offers choices. The dress is available with a Swarovski crystal beaded grosgrain ribbon belt, a grosgrain ribbon belt adorned with a Swarovski crystal motif, or a tulle three-quarter-length sleeved jacket adorned with Swarovski crystal beaded embroidery. The inner corset back closure is finished with covered buttons and a zipper. The Vivien is available in light gold as well as in white, ivory, or light gold/black.

Modern and Sophisticated


The Fontaine is a gorgeous modern-style ball gown featuring crystal tulle and a sweetheart neckline. The intricately bead-embroidered bodice adds to the sophistication and delicateness of the piece. The inner elastic zipper closure is accented with crystal buttons, and the gown is finished with a beautiful low back treatment. The Fontaine is available in champagne/ivory accent or ivory.


The Anastasia is a dramatically glamorous piece featuring metallic embroidered lace on tulle over Orlando satin sheath. The sleeves are embellished with stunning appliques and the back is an illusion while the front features a V-neckline. Shimmering Swarovski crystals cover the beautiful belt, and the dress is finished with covered buttons that trail a zipper closure. The Anastasia is available in ivory/pewter accent as well as white/pewter accent.


The Skye dress is a lavish, luscious modern dress with a bit of a Grecian flair. The luxuriously beaded tulle graces an Ava satin sheath with an exquisite single-shoulder flutter sleeve and an ever so subtle Swarovski crystal waistband. It is finished simply with a side zipper and is available in the featured ivory or white and pearl.



The Garland ball gown is a delicate yet dignified work of art with embroidered lace on tulle sparkles, detailed with metallic thread and Swarovski crystals. This dress will make any bride feel like royalty and adds a bit of allure with a sweetheart neckline. A covered button finishes this dress over a zipper with inner elastic closure. The Garland is available in antique gold as well as white and ivory.


This Marcelina satin sheath gown will dazzle and turn heads everywhere with its stunning sweetheart neckline and intricately beaded lace. The dress is finished simply with a zipper over an inner corset closure and is available in the featured ivory/blush accent as well as white.


For the bride-to-be looking to make a serious statement, this may be the dress to do just that. This smashing ball gown layers on the romance with beaded metallic embroidery on tulle over Chantilly lace. The romantic sweetheart neckline adds appealing invitation, and the bodice and hemline are detailed with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The inner corset closure comes with crystal buttons and a zipper. The Marcella is featured in ivory over light gold and also comes in ivory.

Whitney and Whitney Marie

These dresses are the same, with the slight exception on the Whitney Marie, which features a full-length skirt. The Whitney style is for the bride who wishes to look like a princess, though one with subtlety and sophistication. These romantic tulle ball gowns feature delicate Swarovski crystal beading along the bodice. The Whitney features the modern twist of a high-low hemline, while the Whitney Marie, as previously stated, features the full-length skirt. Both are finished with crystal buttons over a zipper and inner elastic closure and are available in a blush/pewter accent as well as white/pewter accent and ivory/pewter accent.

It wasn’t that long ago when all a would-be bride had to worry about was the occasional shrimp or peanut allergy when planning her reception dinner. A word of warning to the guest if any dishes contained the offending items, plus a few EpiPens on standby just in case, and problem solved.

Even though there is growing scientific evidence that roughly half of the people who believe they have an allergy actually do not, thanks to errant self-diagnosis or inaccurate testing, for those who genuinely have a food allergy or sensitivity, social gatherings such as a wedding or even just eating out at a restaurant can be an exercise in frustration.

Wedding Buffet

Accommodating guests who need gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, shellfish-free, peanut-free, or whatever-free can become a costly proposition if specific entrees are prepared just for them. Then you have the vegetarians and the vegans, plus any religion-based food prohibitions.

While it may seem like an overwhelming logistical nightmare to the bride, for most caterers it’s another day at the buffet line. Depending on your budget, there are a number of options available to ensure that all your guests will be able to enjoy an inoffensive, non-lethal, unsinful meal.

Here’s an example of a basic meal plan of attack that covers culinary bases: consider a buffet. That way you can select, say, four options that vegetarians can enjoy, four options that vegans can enjoy, and three options that dairy-free guests can enjoy — but that the other guests can enjoy as well. You can offer a mix of meat dishes and non-meat dishes, seafood, veggies, and fruit.

A buffet is a way to take care of everyone without having to make special dishes for just a few.

Wedding Dessert

And if your budget is tight, you can also whittle down the number of entrée options to even one meat, one vegetarian, and one vegan, along with a plentiful assortment of vegetables, breads (both regular and gluten-free), cheeses, and fruits. While it may be simple, the presentation can be beautiful, and you’ll know your guests will not go hungry.

Most bakeries/caterers/pastry chefs now offer gluten-free desserts, so you can accommodate those who prefer to shy away from the traditional wedding cake with small gluten-free or dairy-free pastries.

Whether you opt for a buffet or a traditional sit-down affair, the best way to know what food minefields you need to navigate is to survey your guests. So include a space on your invitation’s response card where guests are instructed to detail their dietary restrictions and if their guest has any dietary restrictions.

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life; however, inviting everyone you want may not be possible. A great way to share your wedding day — and every important day before and after it — with everyone in your life, near or far, is to create a simple website. Numerous sites are popping up these days, and it’s easier now than ever before to share anything with anyone anywhere. From your bridal shower to your gift registries, the pictures of you standing at the altar, and the video of Grandma doing the Chicken Dance, you can show off all of your special moments, candid and otherwise. Creating a simple website is a wonderful way to put all your wedding memories in one location for all to see.


Selfie of bride and groom

One of the most popular sites for customizable websites is It offers hundreds of free and premium templates for users to choose from, as well as thousands of free images. On Wix, you can set up a blog with connections to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You’re also able to access your website from your smartphone. For the more tech-savvy bride-to-be, Wix also offers HTML5 Website Builder. Instead of the basic drag-and-drop design most individuals use for creating their sites, this program allows you to build your website from scratch.

Weebly is another website provider that allows you to customize your site. This platform has more than 100 free themes to choose from, as well as the option to use customizable background images. You can have numerous photo albums and even create a slideshow with Weebly’s Slide Show Maker. The site also offers photo editing, as well as a free and premium photo library where you can find hundreds of pictures to decorate your wedding site. Weebly offers customizable forms with which you can create RSVPs and contact forms, maps connected to Google Maps, and video hosting, so make sure to take lots of dancing videos. is definitely a site geared toward the bride. It has over 600 templates, matching invitations, and a photo gallery setup that allows you to upload unlimited images. MyWedding offers a wide variety of registries, guestbooks, RSVPs, and more.


Once you create your website, the first thing you’re going to want to start adding is photos. The moment you start trying on dresses, be sure to take a friend along with you who’s willing to take a few pictures for you. You’ll want some candid shots of you (and whomever you take with you) experiencing the fun of selecting your wedding dress. Some of your photos might be a bit more serious, like a photo of you and your mother sharing a moment when you finally find the dress for you.

Selfie of bride and groom

As the event grows closer, you’ll also probably want to add candid and serious photos from the bridal shower, tasteful bachelorette party photos, cake tasting photos, and of course photos from the big day. Most couples today choose a variety of romantic, traditional, and candid photos, and all of these will be wonderful additions to your site. Then, when all of the family and friends go home and you embark on the road to your honeymoon, don’t let the photo fest end. Take selfies and enlist strangers such as restaurant servers and resort personnel to give you a whole new array of photos for your site and wedding album.

Whichever photo locations, poses, and candids you choose, your wedding website is certain to be a momentous representation of your engagement and marriage. Feel free to leave your site up, if you desire, and add photos of new milestones such as anniversaries or your first house together. Let your creativity lead the way!

Soft. Feminine. Whimsical. Ethereal.

Elizabeth Fillmore’s autumn 2014 bridal collection had the critics and public alike waxing poetic over her wedding fashions that featured delicate beading, organza flowers, laces, and layering. Fillmore’s work is unique in that she infuses the magical moment weddings represent with a seductive, subtle glamour. It’s not surprising to learn that Fillmore started her career designing evening dresses and will still design exclusive evening wear for private clients.

Fillmore attended the Parsons School of Design, and her first collection after graduating in 1993 was romantic but sexy evening wear. She recalls, “After several years in the evening market, I was urged by the fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue to start a bridal collection. It was the best thing I ever did.” She considers her wedding gowns a natural extension of her evening gowns.

I love the magical aspect of a wedding gown,” Fillmore says, “and the personal choice each bride makes. I design for the modern romantic. Individuality is so important to me and the look of each collection.” But most important is the meaning and emotion behind every dress. “It’s so wonderful knowing a bride has chosen one of my pieces to wear on one of the most important days of her life.

Elizabeth Fillmore’s Willa

Elizabeth Fillmore Willa wedding dress

The designer describes her latest collection as featuring slender bias cuts with graceful draping accents, chic fitted hourglass gowns and ethereal empire silhouettes. Fillmore uses all-silk fabrics and linings, and she is partial to rich French and Italian couture fabrics. “My bride has an independent vision,” she adds, “and I hope to fill that vision for her through my designs.

Elizabeth believes, “I really have defined my niche in the designer bridal market as being soft. There are so many full ball gowns in the market, but very few can do slinky, bias-cut dresses well. I design what I love and would want to wear. My focus is a slim, sophisticated silhouette.

Fillmore’s 2014 collection includes the following wedding dresses:

  • Shanghai: A cocktail-length fitted sheath dress with bracelet sleeve, a key-hole back, and flower embellishments.
  • Willa: A French lace v-neck sheath gown with a jasmine flower motif over satin chiffon.
  • Gisele: Sheath style with crepe back satin bias and sheer beaded back.
  • Emanuelle: Silk crepe strapless sheath with Chantilly flower web lace bodice featuring a draped hip and train.
  • Celeste: Satin chiffon cut-away sheath with organza spirals.
  • Anya: A backless silk crepe bias sheath dress with beaded front bodice.
  • Josephine: Empire style with powder blue, silk taffeta, and vine lace with beaded bodice and a bow in back.
  • Ella: Strapless sheath with vine lace, covered with tiny organza and tulle leaves.
  • Palace Garden: A-line with embroidered trellis tulle covered in antique gold flower blossoms.

When it comes to accessorizing her dresses, Fillmore suggests Jimmy Choo shoes and Tia Mazza veils or head pieces made exclusively for Fillmore by Ksenia Golub.

Elizabeth adds: “When it comes to jewelry, I like anything vintage – keepsake pieces, lockets on long chains. We also offer exclusive pieces by Meridith Griffin through our atelier. And finally, for lingerie, Commando has the best nude thongs for under my bias sheathes.

Fashion can be stylish, whimsical, couture, or casual, but more than anything it is trendy. Yesterday’s must-haves are today’s yawns, even in wedding dresses. While traditionally there are fewer dramatic changes year to year in bridal gowns for the mainstream customer, there is still a mind-boggling array of styles and presentations. But the ultimate de rigueur aspect of the fashion-forward wedding dress is the silhouette, and this season the trumpet has announced its presence.

What is a trumpet wedding gown?

Generally speaking, the trumpet silhouette features a snuggish-fitting bodice and gradually-flared skirt. It is similar to the mermaid silhouette but with less dramatic and constricting flair — think of it as the fashion spawn between a modified A-line and mermaid. Typically, a trumpet wedding gown will start to flair at fingertip length about mid-thigh. Since the flare transitions from a low drop waist, it is much easier to walk in than a mermaid, so it offers the freedom of movement like an A-line and also features figure-hugging attributes as well.

As with all fashion, this dress is not for every blushing bride. The body-hugging fit spotlights the stomach and hips, so it may not be the most flattering for ladies who have pear-shaped physiques. But curvy women love the effect. So it is no surprise that many film and television celebs walking red carpets from Los Angeles to New York are wearing trumpet gowns this season, which provide a sleek, throwback glamour reminiscent of old Hollywood.

Women without many curves particularly like the trumpet silhouette because it gives them feminine curves they’ve never seen before. The effect can be helped along by bridal belts and sashes that not only accentuate an existing hourglass figure but create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Plus, belts and sashes come in many varieties, so they let you add another dash of personal style to the dress.

And while comfort may not be the top priority for many brides, trumpet wedding gowns are less constrictive, so it’s more comfortable to walk and sit down, proving that wedding gowns can be dramatic, glamorous, and functional. And to ward off any autumn or evening chill, you can accessorize with a stylish bolero or shawl that will both keep you warm as well as add a bit of added flair to your gown.

Fashion police alert: Make sure you have the right undergarments, because the last thing you want is a distracting panty line or two.

Where can I shop for trumpet wedding gowns?

Since the trumpet silhouette is trending, every bridal — as well as evening wear — designer worth their lamé has several offerings in the current collections. But it is also possible to find affordable vintage trumpet bridal gowns as well as discounted consignment designs. While the sluggish economy has created a lot of hardship, it’s been a boon to the frugal-minded bride, as many women have opted to put their wedding dresses up for sale. So with a little due diligence, you should be able to find the trumpet gown of your dreams with a heavenly price tag.

Are you one of those brides-to-be who wishes your wedding is that shining and glittering one that everyone will remember even after years and years? Well, of course you are! In fact, who isn’t, right? You are a fashionable and stylish woman, so you know what impact diamonds have on special events, especially on weddings. As you probably imagine, diamonds can give that extra glitter and shine to your wedding day that helps make it even more remarkable and memorable.

If you wish to add such shine to your wedding day, then exquisite jewelry is the perfect choice for you. Now if you are wondering where you can find amazing jewelry at discounted prices, then start by looking at Jewelry is the perfect choice for adding dazzle to an already-elegant look on your wedding day.

Bridal Earrings, Necklaces, and Sets

Needless to say, necklaces and earrings – or complete sets – are the first pieces of jewelry that come to mind when thinking about the accessories to go with your wedding gown. So what if you are not going to have true diamonds to wear on your wedding day? With so many costs associated with weddings these days, you will sure appreciate being able to find jewelry at amazing prices. Discounted price tags don’t cut down the beauty and shine of jewelry, though. So opt for a set that looks great and is listed at an affordable price.

If you love crystals and their shine, you’re sure to love the amazing crystal bridal sets out there, with earrings and necklace included, featuring crystals of various shapes. For example, you could opt for a Crystal Cluster Bridal Necklace Set With Drop, which will bring its graceful design as a beautiful addition to your appearance. Another good choice is the Magnificent Crystals Scroll Bridal Necklace Set, which is a luxurious accessory featuring a work of art, with its jewel-encrusted crystals paving the scroll design of both the necklace and the earrings. Wearing any of these beautiful sets, as well as others you may find, will give you the glitter you were looking forward to getting on your special day.

If, on the contrary, you prefer pearls instead of crystals, you should opt for a set that has pearls in it, such as the Pearl and CZ Baguettes Necklace Set, a beautiful and very elegant set that contains white pearls and cubic zirconia. Regardless of your choice, you can find your desired type of earrings and necklaces at discounted prices.

Bracelets for the Bride

Bracelets are another piece of jewelry that can make you sparkle on your wedding day. Just as in the case of other jewelry, you can choose from a variety of styles and models, all of which are very beautiful and can often be discovered at affordable prices. Bracelets add elegance and shine to your bridal appearance, whether you opt for pearl, rhinestone, or crystal bracelets. One of the most beautiful bracelets you could wear on your wedding day is the Pave Designer-Etched Rose Cuff Bracelet, which will add elegance and shine to your gown due to its delicate inlaid crystals, which align in perfect harmony with the amazing rose design of the bracelet.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, your options regarding bridal jewelry are limitless. Whether you opt for sets or for individually chosen jewelry, you will add elegance, style, and shine to your overall appearance. When choosing your jewelry, you can find a variety of beautiful items that you will definitely love from first sight, even though they are not true diamonds. For you, the jewelry you choose is beautiful and represents you as you are. Regardless of your choice, the glitter and beauty that the jewelry will add to your wedding gown is exactly what you need for a complete and polished look!

About Celebrity Weddings

Every wedding is special in its own way, but when it comes to celebrity weddings, there is an added element of interest and importance, as fans and the general public all look forward to finding out the choices celebrities make in regard to their wedding gown, accessories, and venue. As a bride-to-be, you can even get some inspiration from some of the most memorable celebrity weddings.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian married Kanye West in May 2014, and it was one of the most awaited weddings of the year. One of the surprises people wanted to find out was related to her wedding dress; she chose a magnificent custom-made, long-sleeve Givenchy Haute Couture dress, which was created by a close friend of the bride and groom, Riccardo Tisci. The mermaid silhouette was adorned by a floral lace overlay with cut-out panels. The dress beautifully ended in a circular train. Kim chose to complement her bridal gown with a sheer veil, also adorned by a floral edge. As for the couple’s choice of wedding venue, they selected Forte di Belvedere in Florence.

wedding on coast

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen got married in 2013 at an old mansion in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She got married in a Givenchy Haute Couture long-sleeved wedding dress, which was made of white silk tulle and also featured satin piping. The wedding gown was adorned by delicate micro pearls, as well as by Chantilly lace applique. Christina chose a matching white tulle veil, which was also adorned by Chantilly lace appliques.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock in 2013. They opted for a country wedding, with the reception taking place at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. She wore Temperley Bridal’s “Jessamine” wedding gown, which she chose from the Iris collection. The long-sleeve dress was adorned by floral lace with a v-neck. She decided to complement her appearance with a headband from a Maria Elena Headpieces collection.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway married Adam Schulman in 2012, and they chose Big Sur, California, as their wedding venue. Instead of jewelry, Anne opted for a headpiece inspired from the 1920s. She was wed in a custom Valentino wedding gown that featured a refined off-the-shoulder neckline and was made of delicate tulle. The floor-length hemline wedding gown was adorned by delicate lace, and Anne complemented it with a crowning veil that flowed down the wedding gown.

Walking down the aisle

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and Clifton Daniel got married in 2010, with the wedding reception at the Rhinebeck estate in New York. She wore two different wedding gowns, one when she walked down the aisle and the other she took on for the reception. Both her dresses were designed by Vera Wang. The first one was a strapless ivory wedding gown, which consisted of a swirling ball gown skirt with a bodice that had tulle pleated diagonally on it. This beautiful dress had its waistband adorned by silver embroidery. The second dress, which she wore for the wedding reception, was inspired by Grecian style and presented a crisscross back and a narrow, black ribbon belt. Chelsea opted for minimal jewelry, which consisted of a small bracelet and earrings.

Final Note

Every celebrity wedding takes on the personality and style of the bride, and your wedding can look equally amazing and stylish as long as you carefully choose all the details. Opting for a wonderful wedding gown, suitable accessories, and the venue you most enjoy will reward you with the most wonderful time of your life!

Reward Your Helpers With Heartfelt Gifts

As a bride-to-be, you certainly have many helpers around you: your personal attendant, your wedding planner, your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and you know who else. Whether you know this or not, it might be as difficult for them as it is for you to plan your special event, so they deserve to receive a heartfelt gift from you. This way, you can show your appreciation for all the help and support they showed you along your way. Even if it’s not your specialty, here are some ideas you can use to create amazing gifts for those special people around you.

Do It Yourself Gifts for Everyone

As you probably know, DIY gifts are really trending nowadays, regardless of the event. And let’s face it: What can be more personal than offering a gift that you created with your own hands? So, here are some nice ideas you can draw inspiration from in order to prepare lovely and rewarding gifts for your helpers.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are unique and beautiful canvases for DIY gifts for your special guests. View some designs here!

  • Hand-Painted Wine Glasses: You need wine glasses, acrylic paint, brushes, tape, a ribbon, and inspiration. Print out a custom monogram or design and put it inside the glass so you can paint the glass as close to perfect as possible. For an extra special touch, consider painting a separate design for each wine glass. After you finish painting them, tie the ribbon around the glass. Whether you decide to paint the monograms for each of them or something else you consider suitable for your friends, it will be something unique, and they will most likely appreciate your efforts.
  • Customized Teacups: You need simple, white teacups and Sharpie markers in the colors you wish to use. Make any design you wish on the teacups: polka dots, lines, shapes, or whatever your imagination and creativity allows you to do. After creating the design, bake the cups for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Personalized Photo: Choose a photo that you have together – even one from your childhood – and frame it with a nice, personalized frame. You can do this for each of your friends, or you can choose a group photo in which all of you appear and use it for creating the same gift for everyone.

Other Personalized Gifts

Wedding Gift

Even if you don’t have time or inspiration to create your own gifts, you can still offer some very special gifts with a personal touch to them. For this, you can buy personalized gifts on which you can print a photo or the names of your special helpers or even their title in your wedding. Some of the ideas you could take into consideration include:

  • Personalized monogrammed bathrobes.
  • Customized key chains.
  • Personalized bags.
  • Personalized T-shirts.
  • Customized jewelry.

Closing Thoughts

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to creating gifts from the heart for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, wedding planner, and others who have poured time and effort into the details of your wedding.

Preparing the Thank-You Letters

Thank You Card with White Blossoms

When you are getting ready for your wedding day, you realize there are so many things that you have probably not even thought about but still need to do. One of the things that is highly recommended not to overlook is thank-you letters. While this project starts the moment your wedding gifts begin to arrive, it can sometimes end long after the wedding, when you’ve sent the letter to thank the sender for it.

One of the first things to consider regarding the thank-you notes is to make a copy of your invitation list, with all your guests’ names and their addresses, as you will need it when writing your letters. The second thing that’s recommended to do is to record each gift in detail next to its sender’s name and address.

Getting Started

Choose a comfortable place in your home where you can sit and write the letters. Consider using personalized cards on which you can monogram your initials, for example, and equip yourself with lots of pens that you enjoy writing with – plus, remember that usually wedding thank-you cards are written with blue or black ink.

Tips and Tricks on Writing the Appreciation Notes

Here are some tips and tricks to help with writing your wedding thank-you notes, as well as giving them a personal touch.

  • First, try to write thank-you notes as soon as the gifts arrive and spread them out so you aren’t writing hundreds of letters in just a couple of days.
  • When unwrapping the gifts, consider recording every gift next to its sender on the copy list that you created. Also, write some details for every gift so that if more senders send similar gifts, you can thank each of them for their specific gift.
  • If you receive money as a gift, you can mention how you plan to spend it.
  • As soon as you finish writing a letter, put a check mark next to the sender’s name on your list.
  • You can make the notes more personal by referring to the sender and the gift as well.

Final Information

Remember that the thank-you notes are best written and sent within three months of the day the gift arrived. In order to give a more personal touch to your notes, you can consider using personalized cards and notes instead of pre-printed cards, fill-in-the-blank cards, or generic postcards that you can find on the Internet.

In conclusion, you are warmly recommended to remember writing a thank-you letter to anyone who sent you a wedding gift, as well as to every person who helped you with your wedding through any means. Also, sending the letters promptly will show the recipient that you really appreciated the fact that they supported you and were with you on such a special event in your life!