Let’s face it: Everyone loves getting a great deal on an item. Whether it’s on something as small as a piece of jewelry to something as big as a wedding dress, sales are tempting. There’s a long-running fallacy, however, that finding something at a discount means getting a sub-par product. That is not the case, especially with wedding gowns! As long as you obey the following rules, you are guaranteed to get the gown of your dreams at a dreamy price.

The Budget

First, you’ll need to set your budget. Find out how much money you can contribute to your gown, along with everything else for the big day. Next, you need to stick to that budget. There’s no such thing as an “unlimited budget,” as there’s always a cap. It’s no longer trendy to go into deep debt to pay off your bridal gown. You can find something at a good price.

The Research

Once you find that magic number, do some research. Find your desired look, and then see how much it retails for in stores. If it’s out of your budget, keep an open mind on the overall style. Sometimes your fashion taste will gravitate toward gowns that will always exceed your maximum allowance. See if it is going on sale anytime soon! Or try to find something like it made by a designer who’s a little more cost-effective.

The Gown

Look into buying a gown off the rack. It’s a great way to find a beautiful dress at a great price, and you get to take it home the day you buy it! Saying “yes” to an off-the-rack style doesn’t mean you’re settling — it’s actually very easy to find a dress in perfect condition available for immediate purchase. Bridepower.com is an apt example of this. We provide brides with beautiful, nearly new styles at slashed prices. Consider perusing our website!

Another great option to look into is trying on looks from department stores, many of which sell very inexpensive wedding dresses. You’ll get a brand new gown, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In addition, there are a few more ways to find a cheap gown. Filene’s Basement has its annual Running of the Brides. Just have your eyes peeled and be ready to fight the crowds! Also, you can go online and search for used dresses. Many brides post their wedding gowns on sites (including our private seller classifieds) to resell them. It could be your something borrowed! If those two options aren’t for you, consider renting a dress.

There are myriad ways to find a gown at a wonderful price, and the list above provides you with a few avenues through which to do so. Brides no longer break the bank when they choose their dress, especially after studies were released stating that an expensive wedding day does not mean a lasting marriage. See our article on why a cheap wedding equals a happy marriage. So use the list, do a little research, and find your perfect dress at the perfect price!

Struggling to put together the theme of the big day? Some looks are more difficult to put together than others — designing requires a bit of finesse, and not all are born with the talent. So if you’re still wondering how to put your special day together and it’s drawing ever closer, fear no more! Luckily for you left-minded people, over the last few years, bridal trends have leaned toward a theme that requires little decorating knowledge: rustic vintage. Below are some ideas to help you piece together the day’s vision!

The rustic theme began to take hold of the bridal realm half a decade ago and is meant to invoke a feeling of the outdoors even if your guests are inside. So for you, that means lots of flowers, wood, and neutral tones. This does not mean you are obligated to hold your nuptials outdoors, of course!

The Gown

Your bridal gown is, as always, the most important part of this day. That means that what you wear should follow this theme. You should begin looking for a gown with lace, tulle or organza, and a general vintage appeal. Your silhouette is up to you, but most women choose a sheath or fit and flare style. Tulle and organza are two fabrics that feel and look extraordinarily soft. Something with a strap and a detailed back is always a fun choice. If you’d like to explore a bit more adventurous of an option, consider finding a gown in a pastel color!

Color Scheme

For color schemes, there are certain pallets to choose from. If you’re a bit of a girly girl, you can do shades of pink — from as light as blush to as bold as fuchsia. These tones can easily be matched with multi-shaded bouquets, and many bridesmaid gowns will come in a variety of pinks. If you’re not looking to create a pink wedding, the hot pallet of 2014 was blush pink mixed with gold, champagne, and ivory. These tones bring out a certain feminine and earthy feeling when placed together. The overall scheme for your rustic wedding should remind your guests of lightness and their connection with the earth.


In a rustic vintage wedding, the more flowers the better! They add softness to the atmosphere. Many women use lots of baby’s breath — it’s a great way to cut the flower cost a little, too. If you have the means, maybe incorporate a few succulents into the bouquets and centerpieces. They look clean and have an aged appearance.

Recently, rustic and bohemian have been going hand-in-hand. Bohemian often has a more casual feel, with floral wreaths and simpler gowns. Usually, this is more scaled down and earthy — for example, many women go barefoot underneath their gown. If you’re on a stricter budget, bohemian might be the way to go!

Rustic weddings are always a gorgeous choice. So if you’re having trouble, consider going this route! DIY decorations are often an apt addition to the ambiance, so you can get a little creative for the big day. Inside this scheme, you can even get sparkly with some sequins and glitter. So get inspired, and make your big day rustic and vintage!

Bridepower strives to provide all things wedding at a wonderful price — whether you’re a traditional bride or not, our goal is to carry what you’re looking for. Wedding trends are constantly changing, which means we’re always updating our inventory. Increasingly, brides have requested alternative looks to the traditional veil. These looks include hats and fascinators, and they’ve quickly become one of the latest bridal trends!

Hats vs. Fascinators

A lesson on accessories: Hats are different from fascinators. Bridal hats sit atop the head and have some sort of brim. Fascinators are on a clip or comb and make a separate fashion statement. Hats are an older, vintage choice, whereas fascinators are an updated, European throwback. Each type has its desirable aspects and can be your perfect hair adornment if you don’t want to wear a bridal veil.

History of Hats and Fascinators

Hats and fascinators are an historical part of fashion. The ebb and flow of the hat trend will always continue. However, fascinators have almost always been a hot look. The fascinator dates all the way back to the 1300s, when women used to gather their hair into Princess Leia side buns and slide in brooches with expensive fabrics and jewels sewn on for effect.

That hair accessory went through slight modifications over the centuries until 18th century Europe transformed it into what is now the modern fascinator. Women of royalty began adorning their hair with feathers, fruits, and miniature garden scenes in order to express their mood. These were especially popular in France at the time, called pouf au sentiments. They then gained the name “fascinator” in the 20th century simply because they didn’t muss up the hair like the standard hat.

The headwear looks you’ll see on our website include these fashionable fascinators. If the bridal veil doesn’t interest you, your wallet will thank you — you won’t spend nearly as much for your accessory. We’ve made these gorgeous pieces available to you at a discounted price, so you won’t have to break the bank to get the style you want. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars for these headpieces at a bridal salon, while we at Bridepower offer them to you at a very affordable cost.

Brides, you are not the only ones who can adorn your hair on the big day! Ask your mothers or grandmothers if they would like to wear hats or fascinators for the wedding. With the elegant, vintage appeal of hats, that may be the question they’re waiting for! Especially if you’re wearing one in your hair, the bridal party may want to coordinate with their own feathery headdresses. If you like that idea, make your wedding a Brit-chic affair, and request that all of your guests get a fun little hair adornment!

Alternative to Bridal Veil

Hats and fascinators are wonderful alternatives to the traditional bridal veil. If you consider your wedding more adventurous, then take the plunge and get one of our fashionable (and reasonably priced) fascinators! There’s only one thing to bear in mind: You’re wearing the accessory; don’t let the piece overwhelm you or the look you’ve put together. Wear something that expresses your mood and personality, and have a little fun with your hair! Hats off to you!

At Bridepower, our goal is to make every bride’s life a little easier and more affordable. Planning a wedding can be stressful! Wouldn’t it be nice if everything — local DJs, caterers, cakes, travel agents — were all in one place so you could check everything off your list right away? Well, it sounds like you need to go to a bridal show! If you’ve never attended a bridal show in the past, they’re the mecca for companies in your area looking to meet your every wedding need. As we said before, our goal is to make your life simpler, so we’ve put together a list of the largest bridal shows in different regions of the United States. Register for the event closest to your home, and start scratching the major things off that list!


At the Luxury Bridal Expo of Chicago and Milwaukee, you can literally plan your wedding all in one day! It’s the largest show in the Midwest, and vendors come from surrounding states like Indiana and Iowa to be part of this huge event. You will walk up aisles and aisles of cakes, flowers, dresses, DJs, caterers, and more. The runway show with top couture designers will provide you with the exact vision for yourself and your bridal party on your big day. Running from January through November 2015, this year-round event will give you everything you need to plan your perfect wedding.

East Coast

Running from January through August 2015, A Bridal Affair to Remember runs large bridal shows throughout the tri-state area. It features local vendors, so you can witness and taste everything yourself before making final decisions for your big day. With live music playing and models walking throughout the expo wearing the latest bridal designs, there will always be things to see. With free admission and a honeymoon trip given away at every event, why wouldn’t you go?

The South

If you reside in the South, Elite Events puts on one of the biggest bridal events from January through September 2015. Most of these shows can be found in Georgia and Alabama. At each event, you will meet and learn more about local vendors — this includes tasting delicious samples of foods and cakes from the Southern culinary creators, listening to fine tunes from DJs, visualizing yourself in beautiful bridal designs, and more! You’ll never be bored at the event, especially with a bridal runway show that sports the latest looks. When you register for the event, Elite Events will not only provide a free one-year subscription to Bride’s Magazine, but it will also enter you in a contest with a chance to win a honeymoon trip!

West Coast

A gigantic bridal show that occurs on one weekend all over the West Coast, Wedding Show Weekend is certainly a behemoth. On Saturday, Feb. 28, and Sunday, March 1, golf courses and country clubs in California, Oregon, and New Mexico will host this extravaganza like no other. The 2nd annual Wedding Show Weekend provides you Western brides with premiere local vendors and designers so you’re fully prepared to plan your special day. A total of $30,000 in giveaway prizes and free admission are two good reasons why you should feel tempted to go — and two lucky people will receive $10,000 to put towards a club or course of their choice in the network. You won’t want to miss this event!

Lace can be used to spice up almost anything, but be sparing.

Lace can be used to spice up almost anything, but be sparing.

Lace is very likely the most popular fabric in weddings today. Its increased popularity is due to its throwback flexibility — its vintage appeal can be turned into various decades, like the 1920s or the 1960s. Lace is versatile, feminine, and timeless. That’s why it’s in just about every Pinterest picture you see. If you are in the beginning stages of planning your big day and want to incorporate lace into it, know that there are countless ways to do so!

The biggest piece of your wedding that could be highlighted with lace detailing is, of course, your bridal gown. You can find them with scattered lace appliques, and you can find them with full lace overlays. If you know lace will be in your dream dress, consider looking on our website to find that perfect gown! Type in “lace” in the search bar, and you’ll see pages and pages of lace!

If you’ve already located your ideal dress but it’s sans lace, do not fear! You can add lace in so many other ways. If you know a very skilled seamstress, consider purchasing lace appliques and have her sew them on. This is tedious work, so make sure to allow her plenty of time to apply them and due compensation for doing so. This is a great way to add subtle vintage glam to your dress!

Whether your gown has lace or not, you can always slide a lace veil into your hair. Mantillas are the traditional look in a veil, and you will see a couple of very reasonably priced pieces on Bridepower.com! In terms of types of lace veiling, there are so many. You can find lace veils that don’t have the detailing all around the net; you can find narrow lace, thicker lace, scalloped lace, beaded lace, and non-beaded lace. There are even colored lace veils!

Other accessories can include this fabric as well. You can buy a lace headband or a lace clip to put in after the lace veil is removed. If you don’t like that idea, consider wrapping a lace belt around your waist, especially one with a little sparkle. You can include lace in your bouquet as an accent between your flowers, or you can have your florist cord some around your bouquet handle — don’t forget a pretty bow!

If you’d like, you can have your lace be even subtler too. Your shoes can be completely adorned in it. There are different colors of lace shoes, so if you’d like the lace to coordinate with your bridesmaids, that’s easy to find. There are beautiful bridal parasols complete with lace for a vintage Southern feel. Your garter can include lace, too.

While lace is a wonderful fabric, it’s always important to remember not to overdo it. Having too much texture in your wedding can appear very busy when the original aim was to look delicate. So if you’re wearing lace, try not to have too much of it right next to you (for example, in your bridesmaids’ gowns). If you follow some of the ideas on Pinterest, you can easily pull off this beautiful vintage look. All in all, don’t be afraid to lace it up!

It's perfectly natural to be excited for your wedding, but don't let it get the better of you!

It’s perfectly natural to be excited for your wedding, but don’t let it get the better of you!

So the day has finally arrived: The love of your life just got down on one knee and popped the big question. Congratulations! So many people who love and care about you on Facebook and Twitter want to know that this happened. But before you share anything, take a second to be wary of social media. This period of your life you just entered can be a slippery online slope. There are things to take into consideration before putting anything about your wedding online. You must remember your social media etiquette.

Before posting anything about your engagement, call your parents first. They are the people to notify. Then you are free to make the announcement all over the Twitterverse! The ring is of utmost importance for the announcement — everyone wants to see you two smiling together, and then they want to see a close-up of the bling. Don’t forget to change your relationship status!

When you have picked a venue and a date, make an excited status about it! Inform people when the nuptials will be. The people who know they’ll be receiving an invitation later will begin working it into their schedules now.

Along comes the day when you shop for your dream wedding dress. Exciting! You should bring the most important people with you — those who won’t constantly be looking down at their phones or live tweeting the experience. As the bride, you have the authority to mention that phones should not be a distraction. Some bridal salons don’t even allow phones out. This is a special day for you, and everyone should be fully present.

When you say those magic words to your magic dress, remember to mention to your guests that you will be the one posting on social media about your find. They already know not to post its picture to Facebook (hopefully), but as the bride, it is your privilege to keep your followers updated and intrigued.

Consider this photo opportunity: Have all of your guests gather in front of your gown to hide it for the picture. Then post it and say something along the lines of, “I said yes to my dress today! It will be revealed next summer!” That will make your followers very excited and anxious for the big day.

As the planning continues, make sure not to overload your followers with minute details. Also, do not post the woes of organizing the event. Everything you post publicly should be light, upbeat, and happy. Refrain from saying things you will regret later — you can never truly erase words from the Internet or from people’s minds.

The big day is almost here, and you’re creating your hashtag. When you’re coming up with the decorative sign to announce it to your guests, put a small note about being courteous to the people around you. Allow your guests to immediately share the photos online, but remind them to be courteous of those around them. Tell them not to block others’ view. They also need to be aware of the photographer snapping the most important photos.

After the wedding is over, remember to change your relationship status! Your followers want to see that the married couple is still thinking about them (even if for a quick relationship change). Then you’re free to enjoy your honeymoon social media-free!

Social media is difficult to balance. People want to know only so much about your wedding, and that must always be taken into consideration before posting. This is a thrilling time in your life, so make that known to everyone online! Always have your online ps and qs in mind!

Brooches aren't just for dresses! Try new things, and don't be afraid to explore.

Brooches don’t just work on dresses! Try new things, and don’t be afraid to explore.

Brooches have always been that sparkly, hidden little bridal trend. They seem to surpass the trials of time, passed down through generations of families for women to use in one way or another. Many women don’t wear their great-great-grandma’s old brooch in everyday clothing, but it’s a great pin to incorporate into a wedding. Then, these brides can consider it their “something borrowed.” Don’t know what to do with your familial brooch(es)? You’d be surprised at all the options!

The most common way women use their brooch is in their brooch bouquet. A brooch bouquet is what the bride can hold in place of flowers, and it’s a bouquet made up of various glimmering brooches. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend the money on flowers (some arrangements can really add up). Many women take this type of arrangement on as a DIY project. However, there are sites from which you can purchase these bouquets already made.

Brooches make their application so simple because they’re already fixed onto a pin. If you have a set of these glittery pins itching to be used, consider putting them on the tops of your shoes as ornamentation. They’ll liven up your shoes, and it can be a sentimental symbol — almost as if your ancestors are assisting your walk to your new husband!

The number of places you can pin these on yourself grows every year. For another DIY project to inherit, you can fasten a comb or an alligator clip onto the brooch and slide it into your hair. It’s a wonderful, minimalist accessory that will make your hairdo that much more exquisite. Does your floral bouquet feel like it’s missing something? Consider adding this to your bouquet handle, especially if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding; this could look spectacular.

Now, if your dress is missing something, try making a sash using the heirloom brooch. You can easily find satin fabrics at a store or through a website. Even if you want to start with a cost-effective belt from Bridepower.com, you can add the brooch on and save yourself some time!

Other accessories are perfect for pinning. For example, if you plan to carry a bridal clutch, try pinning it to the fabric of the purse. In addition, since nearly every bride wears the traditional garter, consider pinning it there! The groom will have an easier time finding it if you have a sparkly brooch fastened on.

If you’re having trouble finding an avenue through which to put the brooch on your gown or your flowers, there are other ways to include it. It, along with some additional brooches, could be the decoration on your cake — have your cake designer apply it; it could be a cost-cutting method. Does your maid of honor need something to make her stand apart from the rest of your bridesmaids? Try finding a place to pin it to her dress or her hair to make her pop. You can pin a brooch to all of your bridesmaids for a little extra glam, if you have many brooches in the family!

So, let’s say you have no brooches passed down in your family line, but you absolutely adore some of these handy and glamorous ideas. Lucky for you, Bridepower.com has gorgeous discount brooches at the ready for you to buy! So stock up today and make your wedding glamorous!

Over the last 10 years, the world has witnessed an evolution in bridal gowns. Celebrity brides are always the real trendsetters, as they’re constantly tying the knot and wearing the latest and greatest bridal designs. It’s very intriguing to see the shift over time. There are so many beautiful gowns worn over the years that have made history, but it’s important to note the most impactful looks that have remained in the minds of the betrothed public. Here are some of the highlights of the last few years of celebrity bridal fashion:

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Kate Middleton

A vision in long lace sleeves, onlookers weren’t sure what to think when she walked down the aisle in something so modest. However, the last few seasons have proven that her fashion choice was one that made a huge influence. Now, all the bridal industry sees is sleeves or straps. You should all thank Kate for the looks you find in bridal salons and here on Bridepower.com.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Jessica Simpson

Her recent “Great Expectations”-themed nuptials made a splash. Wearing a custom Caroline Herrera gown, she showed how trendy colors are in bridal gowns at the moment. She shined, donning her gold bridal style!

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Chelsea Clinton

Not only did she get the opportunity to wear one Vera Wang custom bridal design, but she got two made just for her. For her ceremony, she walked down the aisle in a traditional strapless silk tulle ball gown with an embellished belt. To dance the night away, she changed into a Grecian style wedding gown with a small black belt at the waist.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Lauren Conrad

At quite possibly the trendiest wedding of the last few years, Conrad wore a custom Badgley Mischka gown that she aided in designing. It was covered in lace embroidery and beading, and finished off with a 10-foot train to dazzle all of her guests. Her maids took advantage of the latest craze of choosing different-colored gowns in various designs to make them feel the most comfortable.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Kim Kardashian

Her marriage to Kanye West was slightly less over-the-top than her marriage to Kris Humphries a few years back. While both made lasting impressions on the public, her fashion choices at the West wedding were the most daring. Kardashian slipped on a Givenchy Haute Couture gown designed by Riccardo Tisci, complete with lots of lace and cut-outs to highlight her ever-curvy figure. Her colossal lace veil also made quite the statement.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Angelina Jolie

While some scoff at her bridal fashion, most see the sentimental reasons behind her choice. For her marriage to Brad Pitt, Jolie had Luigi Massi sew in appliques of artwork her children made onto her train and veil. This displays her devotion to her children and her commitment to her family. This ceremony showed that the couple is focused on the marriage and not on a lavish ceremony.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Click on the preview above to see the full image.

Solange Knowles

Although it just happened, her wedding generated quite a buzz in the fashion realm. Knowles is famous for her style, and everyone knew there would be looks to talk about before the pictures even surfaced. She chose to wear a cream jumpsuit that plunged in the front and back for the ceremony. For the formal photos, she switched into a high-neck custom gown with a matching cape by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. Everyone in her party wore different white dresses for a pure, ethereal look.

Of course, there are many more celebrities who have shaped the bridal industry – almost a countless number. Whether an A-lister or not, each woman shows her personality and style in her wedding gown. Each dress makes some sort of fashion statement and shows the trends of the time. It’s fun to finally see what each bride picks, so let’s hope for more weddings and more great bridal choices in the coming years!

Selected detail shots of one brave bride's DIY veil.

Selected detail shots of one brave bride’s DIY veil.

Brides and wedding trends seem to change year after year. The past few years, however, brides have decided to bring out their creative side for their nuptials. Thanks to Pinterest, a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding is all the rage. This industry has never seen so many people try to take their wedding into their own hands. This trend even applies to as small a detail as your bridal veil — no longer are women simply buying a beautiful pre-made lace veil, they’re trying to make it themselves.

Making a wedding veil is not as simple as it looks! There are various YouTube tutorials that show you how to hand-stitch cut-edge tulle onto a comb, which actually does only take a few steps. However, if you want a fancier edge to your tulle, you can’t show that kind of detail work in a simple video. You will need much more than just a thread, needle, and some lace. You’ll need ample time, patience, and quite possibly an embroidery machine.

Embroidering your veil has been making its way into the bridal look for many years. Recently, celebrities have been catching on to this trend. Angelina Jolie had her children “embroider” her veil with artwork for her marriage to Brad Pitt. Making your own gauzy hairpiece adds sentimental value to your ensemble and gives you a sense of accomplishment and creativity.

There are myriad sites out there that show you how to create veils with lace, beading, etc. This girl put together a beautiful look complete with lace scalloping and delicate beading. She gives great advice to girls who are looking to put together a piece like this.

She began working on the project well in advance in order to make the best product she could: “If you’re going to roll with a DIY veil, start early. Look, I love crafting, and I have some (limited) time to do it, and I really enjoy knocking out projects, but if I was trying to make this thing one month before our wedding, I would have lost it. The details are tedious and totally boring. Sewing beads onto tulle? Aw-ful.”

This woman embroidered her veil using a machine, and the end product looked very skilled. She chose to glue on her pearl beading, because she did not have tons of time to utilize sewing techniques. She finished her veil the Thursday before her wedding. No one would advise you to add that kind of stress into the week of your wedding, though!

On the site, she remarks, “And of course, with all the many crafty projects for our wedding, I thought, ‘sure, no problem, a DIY veil, easy-peasy!’ Uh, yeah. There’s a reason why veils are so expensive. They’re hard to embellish!”

There are many types of veils you can create if you have a little extra time and some sewing skills (or a really good machine). However, if you want to put together that breathtaking look you saw at the bridal salon, most women would tell you that — albeit very worth it in the end — a lot of time, effort, and work must go into it. Some women simply choose to let the professionals do what they do best, and they purchase a veil from a salon. So whether you’re crafty or not, you can actually construct your own veil; just make sure to start early and be tolerant of your end result!

If there’s any design duo who can do it all, it’s Badgley Mischka. Their bridal designs are top notch, and they’re widely regarded for their designs. However, they also have a large reputation of specializing in daywear, eveningwear, handbags, timepieces, and even eyewear. They’re on top of the fashion world and recently released their spring 2015 bridal collection on their website. Below is a list of the many trends you will undoubtedly see brides wearing:

1. Straps

Strapless was a fad for many, many years. Now women strive to have a little more support and safety as they dance the night away. Throughout Badgley Mischka’s line, you will spot every type of strap imaginable. From the spaghetti to the sleeve, it’s easy to see that bridal trends are shifting towards coverage. Along with that comes throwback styles like high-neck halters and cap sleeve bateaus. This designer must have had Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy in mind while planning these spring looks.

2. Narrow Silhouettes

While fuller styles did find their way into the 2015 line, what you will mainly see are the looks with very little fullness. Traditional fit and flare silhouettes like Crawford and Hayworth show that this designer likes minimalistic, curvy lines. Relatively new to the bridal industry, sheath styles like Fonda have hit the ground running. More and more come requesting wedding gowns with almost no weight and structure. Many modern brides love feeling light and airy in their gowns and therefore choose more comfortable fits with as little fabric as possible.

3. Illusion Net

There’s been a substantial increase in illusion details in bridal gowns across all designers, especially in Badgley Mischka’s new line. Nearly every style has some sort of mesh, and you can find it in their open backs or boat necklines. What makes netting so dramatic is not the fact that it’s see-through but in the appliques and beading that is always sewn over top. The contrast of embellishment on skin makes for a very dramatic and romantic effect.

4. Color

Whether in beading, lace, or tulle, color is the hottest trend in bridal gowns. You will find champagne, pink, gold, lilac, and all other colors that speak wedded elegance. Badgley Mischka remained in the sphere of the neutral tones, bringing out gowns like Burke that are completely champagne. However, in their line, you will notice that their beading can sometimes add dimension as well – rhodium set on ivory really makes their gowns pop.

5. Texture

Gone are the days of simple elegance and the unembellished satin gowns. Well, they haven’t necessarily disappeared; they have inherited a new look. With styles Shearer or Russell, you will see a traditional front with a breathtaking back. Russell boasts a ruched fit and flare front with a mesh and fully embellished back. Shearer is a tad more dramatic with cut-out beaded detailing. Then you see very modern styles like Hedren that have tiers of waterscape ruffles – Mischka wants us to know that more is better. Feathers, ruffles, three-dimensional flowers, horsehair, and accordion pleating are all seen in his latest line. Who wants to be simple on her wedding day, anyway?