If there’s any design duo who can do it all, it’s Badgley Mischka. Their bridal designs are top notch, and they’re widely regarded for their designs. However, they also have a large reputation of specializing in daywear, eveningwear, handbags, timepieces, and even eyewear. They’re on top of the fashion world and recently released their spring 2015 bridal collection on their website. Below is a list of the many trends you will undoubtedly see brides wearing:

1. Straps

Strapless was a fad for many, many years. Now women strive to have a little more support and safety as they dance the night away. Throughout Badgley Mischka’s line, you will spot every type of strap imaginable. From the spaghetti to the sleeve, it’s easy to see that bridal trends are shifting towards coverage. Along with that comes throwback styles like high-neck halters and cap sleeve bateaus. This designer must have had Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy in mind while planning these spring looks.

2. Narrow Silhouettes

While fuller styles did find their way into the 2015 line, what you will mainly see are the looks with very little fullness. Traditional fit and flare silhouettes like Crawford and Hayworth show that this designer likes minimalistic, curvy lines. Relatively new to the bridal industry, sheath styles like Fonda have hit the ground running. More and more come requesting wedding gowns with almost no weight and structure. Many modern brides love feeling light and airy in their gowns and therefore choose more comfortable fits with as little fabric as possible.

3. Illusion Net

There’s been a substantial increase in illusion details in bridal gowns across all designers, especially in Badgley Mischka’s new line. Nearly every style has some sort of mesh, and you can find it in their open backs or boat necklines. What makes netting so dramatic is not the fact that it’s see-through but in the appliques and beading that is always sewn over top. The contrast of embellishment on skin makes for a very dramatic and romantic effect.

4. Color

Whether in beading, lace, or tulle, color is the hottest trend in bridal gowns. You will find champagne, pink, gold, lilac, and all other colors that speak wedded elegance. Badgley Mischka remained in the sphere of the neutral tones, bringing out gowns like Burke that are completely champagne. However, in their line, you will notice that their beading can sometimes add dimension as well – rhodium set on ivory really makes their gowns pop.

5. Texture

Gone are the days of simple elegance and the unembellished satin gowns. Well, they haven’t necessarily disappeared; they have inherited a new look. With styles Shearer or Russell, you will see a traditional front with a breathtaking back. Russell boasts a ruched fit and flare front with a mesh and fully embellished back. Shearer is a tad more dramatic with cut-out beaded detailing. Then you see very modern styles like Hedren that have tiers of waterscape ruffles – Mischka wants us to know that more is better. Feathers, ruffles, three-dimensional flowers, horsehair, and accordion pleating are all seen in his latest line. Who wants to be simple on her wedding day, anyway?

Bridepower carries gowns for women of all shapes and sizes.

Bridepower carries gowns for women of all shapes and sizes.

First of all, you need to know that bridal sizes run small. When trying a gown on, you will probably find that you can wear up to a few sizes bigger than what you buy at Kohl’s or Macy’s. Pant sizes don’t really equate, either. If you normally wear a size 16 or 18 dress, a bridal size 22 or 24 could be a great fit. Some designers run truer to your size, but most follow this specific pattern cutting. Just make sure not to take it to heart if you’re slipping on gowns larger than your normal size! It’s just the way the gowns are made.

Whether a size 0 or size 30, each and every bride walks into a bridal shop with anxieties. Questions run through their head, such as, “Will anything look good on me?” “Will I ever be able to find a dress?” Many brides use these fears as an excuse not to shop, and they wind up with no gown just months before their wedding. These questions also ruin the fun of the experience! Chances are you’ll only get to do this once, so don’t let anxieties delay the search for your perfect gown – you’ll be glad to say yes to something that makes you feel radiant and stunning.

When you begin trying wedding dresses on, analyze your shape and think about what would look best on you. Consult with your friends and family about their thoughts on your ideal silhouette. Even go as far as consulting your fiancé – the people you love the most will always know what flatters your shape. Most of the time, A-line is an absolutely exquisite silhouette. If you’re taller than 5’7” and curvy, consider a mermaid or a sheath. Even a ball gown is just enough fullness for certain shapes. Try everything on and see what you like best on you. To put it simply: whatever makes you feel the best, gravitate towards that.

Lastly, the best accessory by far on a curvy plus-size figure is a belt. That pulls in your waist and makes you look so much smaller. You’ll have an hourglass look right away. You can choose a wide band or a narrow band; they all have the same effect. If your gown is lacking back detail, throw on a sash, tie a beautiful bow, and let the rest of the sash hang down your train. You’ll create quite a breathtaking look!

Of course, not all of these recommendations are going to pertain to every plus-size bride. The only way you’ll really know what looks good on you is to go out there and experience the gowns and accessories for yourself! It’s a very fun experience, and when you finally say “Yes” to a dress, we guarantee you’ll feel like you conquered the world. Believe us, you’ll find it!

A more expensive wedding is not necessarily a better wedding!

A more expensive wedding is not necessarily a better wedding!

All women dream of their fairy tale wedding: lights everywhere, linens over everything, a high-end Cinderella dress – the works. We would all love our wedding budget to be bottomless so we could plan our perfect day. However, that is not the case for thousands of brides every year. Certain items, like apt decorations and soft chair linens, must be slashed in order to stay within that magic number. While sacrifice is difficult, leaving behind your dream wedding could be just what your marriage needs.

According to an article on CNN.com, a duo of economics professors at Emory University conducted a study to see if an expensive wedding equaled a lasting marriage. Lo and behold, they found that those who spent less on their nuptials were those who stayed in it for the long haul. The numbers are surprising: Those who spent $20,000 or more on their wedding were 1.6 times more likely to end up signing divorce papers than those who spent between $5,000 and $10,000. Those who really cut corners and dropped a grand or less had a lower divorce rate.

Look at Kim Kardashian and her $10 million wedding that lasted a whopping 72 days. While that’s an extreme example, it only strengthens the point that pouring money into your wedding does not equate to marital bliss. Most extravagant Hollywood weddings don’t last; so don’t buy into the idea that the more money you spend, the more years you’re adding to your marriage.

Brought to you exclusively by Bridepower.com, here’s a fabulous look that will make you feel like a Kardashian without having to spend your life savings.

For an unbeatable price of $450 (and a savings of $500), this stunning satin Casablanca gown, style 1959, is your oyster – as an empty canvas, you can put your own personal flair on it. Its A-line shape and pick-up skirt will make you look like a goddess on a cloud as you float down the aisle.

Consider wrapping a belt around your waist! At $235, this pearl and crystal accessory from Blossom Veils will cinch you splendidly.

Both of these jewelry pieces (these pearl crystal earrings and this bridal bracelet) will not only coordinate with your belt, but they will also put less than a $45 dent in your purse. What a steal!

Thanks to Bridepower, you can save yourself a few dollars and make your groom’s jaw drop! You won’t have to break the bank to feel like a million bucks. You won’t even need to spend $800 to get a look like this one! It’s not only a smart choice but a fashionable one to boot.

Financial anxiety is the Number 1 strain on couples. Why start off your marriage with stress and debt? If you begin the rest of your lives paid off, you’re more likely to stay together. That’s what the wedding day should really be about, anyway – not the lavish party you should throw your guests or the thousands of dollars you could spend on a gown you’ll wear once; your wedding day exists to celebrate the happiness you’ll bring each other for the rest of your lives. So do yourself a favor and start it off without debts.

Jim Hjelm is one of the world’s top bridal designers. From the couture bride to the classic bride, his line consistently has looks to please all. The hailed designer recently released a video of his spring 2015 collection, and it’s full of fun, feminine, and fresh trends for every bride! You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Here’s a list of the five hottest looks seen at the runway show:

1. Straps or Sleeves

A trend that has been weaving its way into bridal fashion for a few seasons, sleeves or straps have officially become one of the biggest requests from brides. Thank goodness Jim Hjelm delivered! For his newest line, the wedding dress designer created styles with straps – like the simple spaghetti in JH8504 – and sleeves – like the full-length coverage in JH8507. They not only make for a little added security that a strapless gown cannot provide, but they also bring out your shoulder frame to exhibit your graceful and statuesque side.

2. Textures

Throughout the Jim Hjelm collection, you can see all types of textures: lace, tulle, feathers, ribbon, you name it! What does texture add in the gown, you ask? Well, it gives another feature to your gown, and it adds detail interest. Choose a style that resembles JH8512 and you’ll love grazing your hands along the feathers! These pieces also give your gown dimension. The feathers on JH8512 transform it from simple to chic with that simple add-on. You can express your personality with texture!

3. High Necklines

High necklines usually follow right along with the strap theme. There were many bateau or portrait tops in Jim Hjelm’s spring 2015 line, and that lends a retro feel to each style. Those necklines reminisce past decades, when comfort and style went hand-in-hand. What a great throwback – and what modern takes Jim Hjelm has made with them!

4. Whimsical Airiness

Next to sleeves, whimsical fabrics like chiffon and tulle popped up everywhere! The two almost always go together; you usually see these looks paired perfectly in an outdoor ceremony or worn by an easygoing bride. Chiffon and tulle fabrics, especially in the skirt, are the optimal fabrics for comfort and ease as you party with your loved ones and closest friends. Jim Hjelm really chose some hot fabrics for his newest line!

5. Back Interest

Another detail often paired with strapped or sleeved gowns is back interest. Whether a simple back exposure, like with style JH8508, or an illusion look, like with JH8515, back interest is something often requested by brides. With illusion backs especially, there are very intricate and detailed creations that become a breathtaking view for those at your ceremony. Jim Hjelm knows what brides (and wedding attendants) want.

The spring 2015 line will please you whether you would say your taste is picky or peaceful. Jim Hjelm went with many safe looks, for example style JH8510, but then went out on a limb and created gowns like JH8500, where unique ribbon texture is found. If you pick a gown like what was seen in Jim Hjelm’s spring 2015 collection, you should consider yourself on the forefront of bridal fashion!

Bride and Mother with Matching Dresses

Although a wedding is mostly geared toward the bride and her ensemble, what her parents look like for the occasion matters as well. The level of formality the happy couple desires will set the tone for a mother-of-the-bride dress. If the ceremony is black-tie, for instance, it is expected the mother of the bride will don a formal gown or dress. For those mothers who are looking for that right fit, these tips will help you consider and select the perfect dress for both the occasion and for you.


1. Don’t forget to consult the bride!

If you do not know the colors your daughter and future son-in-law have chosen for their wedding, you should. You certainly do not want to choose a dress that clashes with the color palette. If they are getting married in winter and have chosen a soft pastel palette, you do not want to choose a bright, flashy dress; rather, select an elegant, classy dress, perhaps in silver or light blue. Always steer clear of traditional wedding dress colors, such as white and ivory, and most definitely the often black dress of mourning, unless it is a super-formal evening ceremony and the bride has previously given her approval of a black dress.

Most dress styles come in a variety of colors and shades, so invite your daughter to tag along on a shopping adventure or two before you nail down your choice. If she lives far away from you, never fear. There is a huge selection of dress options from brick-and-mortar chain stores such as Nordstrom’s, David’s Bridal, and Macy’s. If you find something available both online and offline, you can plan a telephone shopping adventure where you can both check out the dresses chosen in locations near your own homes.


2. Remember, etiquette counts.

Traditional etiquette states that the mother of the bride sets the tone for the attire of the mother of the groom. Generally speaking, the mother of the bride selects her dress or gown and then shares a photo with the groom’s mother so she will know the standard of dressiness for the occasion. It would be a fashion nightmare to leave these matters to chance, because someone would inevitably dress too formally or too casually for the occasion.

Another matter of etiquette and tradition states the mother of the bride generally arrives early for the big event to greet the wedding party and guests, bridging the union for both sets of family and friends. It is also common for the bride’s mother to gather wedding party members and special guests of the bride and groom for the photographer ahead of time. This way, the photographer knows exactly the location and those involved in the photographs he or she will be taking.

3. Be sure your dress flatters and compliments your shape.

One of the most embarrassing scenarios for any bride is for her mother to wear something that looks atrocious on her. This could be a dress that is too tight, too young-looking, or just overall unflattering. If you cannot model the dress for your daughter in person, have someone take a photo of you in your proposed dress and send it to your daughter for her opinion. While she doesn’t have to give her approval or permission for your dress choice, it is a kind gesture to make sure you wear something that doesn’t make her or you feel embarrassed on what is meant to be a joyous occasion.

Along the same lines, be sure your dress is not fancier or sexier than your bride’s dress. While it is acceptable to show some skin, you probably don’t want to show more than the bride. This includes cleavage, leg, and back in particular. This day is about your daughter, so let her have her moment. Save the scandalous dress for a dinner out with your husband or sweetheart.

4. Don’t forget to have fun.

Despite the unspoken rules for dressing the mother of the bride, for you it is ultimately about the fun and enjoyment of watching your daughter walk down the aisle for one of the most important and special moments of her life. Don’t lose sight of that and miss out on those special little moments between the two of you before and after the “I dos.”

Fall Wedding

Not every bride-to-be has visions of herself walking down the aisle with a mile-long train following behind her. Some brides prefer more conservative attire, donning dresses somewhat reminiscent of a traditional cocktail dress. If you are one of these brides, there is a wide variety of dresses to choose from that are still in traditional white, ivory, or champagne. A “short wedding dress” is considered anything tea length, which appears about mid-calf, and above.

One of the most classy dresses largely resembles a cocktail dress that may have been worn by arguably the most famous first lady, Jackie Kennedy. This white lacy dress, designed by Jean-Ralph Thurin for the Fall 2014 Collection, features a black belt and is sleeveless. This is a stunning example of class and beauty, perfect for any bride-to-be looking to go a bit shorter than many traditional gowns.

Some brides opt for a dress reminiscent of a traditional gown yet shorter than most. One option is from the Marchesa Fall 2014 Collection. This dress is strapless, so elegant and sexy, with a great deal of organza and satin. It is cut just above the knee and is a wonderful choice for any bride-to-be.

Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2014 Collection has several options to choose from for short wedding dresses as well. From the modern, sleek, no-nonsense Julia dress to the Lucille with its crisp, fresh A-line skirt, this collection offers a wide variety of choices. The Julia is a white silk dress with an open scoop neckline with embossed jacquard and seamed shift body. It is simple yet chic and beautiful. The Lucille has a natural waist and A-line skirt, and the neckline is a Chantilly lace illusion neckline.

Dolly Couture offers a wide variety of vintage-inspired short wedding dresses, all filled with whimsy and charm. For example, the Newport Beach is a pristine white dress, reminiscent of its namesake’s white sands, with overlaid polka dot mesh side panels for added effect. This dress also is available in ivory or champagne, and the satin waistline and hemline is available in pink, black, white, ivory, or champagne.

For a mixture of traditional and modern, with a slight twist, the Dress Prato is a long-sleeved, short romper with Chic Bella lace and a bateau illusion neckline. This dress also features pockets, a cotton grosgain ribbon waistline, and bow-detailed back. This dress is available in ivory, champagne, and white.

These dresses and many more are wonderful choices for any bride-to-be looking for a dress to walk down the aisle or for other wedding-related events. All of these dresses make perfect gowns for any rehearsal, wedding exit, cocktail party, reception party, or even a fancy honeymoon dinner. While many brides still opt for the traditional wedding gown, with or without a lengthy train, they still make their afterwards’ appearance in something shorter yet still chic and sexy. Whatever the occasion, the trending short dresses are an attractive change in style and length, with many versions to fit almost any budget or taste.

And like other designer dress trends, Bridepower has some of the best short wedding dresses at deep discounts.

If you’ve dreamt of a beautiful destination beach wedding but the many costs and expenses of your big day have left you in a bit of a frenzy about how to pay for and afford the dress of your dreams, then rest assured that there is no need to fear; amazing wedding dresses that perfectly fit your style and theme are available to fit your budgetary needs. It is all in knowing where to look.

Beach wedding

The first thing to decide is the style of dress you are hoping to find. For a destination beach wedding, for example, you may want something simple yet chic and sexy. Brides often believe they have to compromise taste and style after spending more than anticipated on a destination wedding or other costly venue. But there are plenty of ways to cut costs and save money without compromising one of the most important pieces of the day, a dream wedding gown at a discount.


There are some great options for such dresses. The Enzoani Aline gown is a perfect choice for a discount wedding gown, with its sensational sweetheart neckline and classic shape and feel. This gown is available at a fraction of the list cost, for less than $400, at Bridepower.com.


If a sheath dress fits your taste a bit more, the Allure Bridals Sheath gown is a killer choice. It is a tank-style strapless dress with beaded sleeves and a chapel train, perfect for tying the knot in the sand for your beach wedding. This dress is also a bargain dress below list price at less than $500.


For a more fancy, totally black-tie occasion, the Essence of Australia Full Skirt gown is a considerably elegant yet sexy choice. This is an organza full-skirt ball gown that is totally strapless, offering a classy sweetheart neckline and chapel train. This dress is a little higher in price range than the previously mentioned ones but still available at a considerable discount below $1,000.


If you desire a dress reminiscent of an heirloom, the Vera Wang Bettina A-line dress is gorgeous and available at $10,400 off the list price. This dress is a romantic Victorian-inspired dress with exceptional ribbon and lace details, finished beautifully with a chapel train.


The Manuel Mota Vendaval A-line also offers an heirloom feel and is a bit more modest than other gowns mentioned. This discount designer gown is made of sweet chiffon and features cut-out floral lace, delicate beading, and a chapel train.

Your wedding day should be the most special, important, memorable day of your life. This dream day should not be compromised because of expenses and costs. Finding the dress to tie everything together without breaking the bank can make all the difference when it comes to your special day. These discount dresses will hopefully lead you to the perfect choice for you, ensuring your wedding day lives up to and exceeds all your richest, wildest fantasies. The only problem is just choosing one!

The Enzoani brand of bridal gowns debuted in 2006 and immediately set its hand-crafted designs apart by blending traditional and modern European styles with an emphasis on innovative use of fabrics; the highest quality of lace and others materials; attention to an exquisite fit; and a soft, sophisticated finish often accentuated through elegant Swarovski beadwork.

Enzoani features a number of targeted brands, including: Blue by Enzoani, slightly more youthful designs that are more accessible and moderately priced; Love by Enzoani, which is highlighted by numerous color options combined with classic silhouettes; the Beautiful brand for the budget conscious; and the exclusive Black Label.

The Designer

Enzoani’s vision is driven by Kang Chun Lin. The London College of Fashion graduate is also creative director of Blue by Enzoani, Love by Enzoani, and Enzoani Black Label. But he didn’t necessarily set out to be a wedding dress designer. While in design school, an associate introduced him to a bridal manufacturer, so Lin started submitting designs for some of the brands they manufactured. His gowns quickly became popular among would-be brides, and eventually the company gave him the opportunity to start his own collection.

Interestingly, Lin says one of his main sources of inspiration is ready-to-wear fashion. “I look for trends in Paris, London, New York, and try to find ways to bring elements to bridal. Lace is still very popular for bridal, so I’ve tried some new patterns and details to help add some variations to what I’ve done before. I focused on bringing the bling in a sophisticated way.”

While innovation is important, so is tradition, and Lin is careful to be mindful of both. Regardless of the latest trend, brides want their dresses to convey romance and beauty. “I don’t see any dramatic styling changes in the near future,” Lin said in an interview, “but it’s always fun to add some big statement pieces in the collection to really try and push outside the box.”

His collections have turned into must-see fashion events. The 2014 bridal collection show was a standing room-only affair of more than 800 guests at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana, California. One attendee reports, “Guests were delighted with the mix of dreamy vintage elements and modern, clean cuts highlighted by enchanting materials, including embroidered lace, silk, satin chiffon, and tulle. Silhouette necklines, mermaid gowns, and intricate lace embroidery in shades of ivory and even red were some of the leading design choices in this collection.”

The 2015 Collection

Enzoani 2015 collection Jacqueline


Next season’s 2015 designs are even more stylized, featuring low backs, slinky fabrics, and heavy doses of glamour and bling. “From extraordinary princess moments to delightful vintage-inspired gowns, designer Kang Chun Lin embraced the sparkly while infusing sophisticated elegance into the breathtaking styles.


a strapless gown with a lace overlay.


features a sweetheart neckline, layers of flowing material, and a sheer detail back with the ideal blend of glamour and sophistication.


is designed to accentuate modern femininity.


a mermaid style wedding dress featuring extraordinary detailing.

The Blue by Enzoani collection included a Gatsby-inspired, detailed gown called


that features sheer accents.

In the end, Lin believes the secret to his bridal fashion success is to remain true to your personal style, which is what will make your work unique, and to stay in tune with the brides, to better make their wedding gown dreams come true.

Wedding receptions can be a decidedly mixed bag. Some are fun supreme and fly by; others are hours you can never get back. Blame our shortening attention spans on our digital world, but even at the nicest receptions, spoon-clinking glassware to make the bride and groom kiss quickly loses its entertainment value for most people past puberty. And there are only so many congratulatory toasts one can sit through before they are overcome by the need for a Candy Crush fix.

To keep your guests happy and engaged, consider giving them some fun activities to participate in.


One of the more popular wedding reception accessories in recent years is a photo booth, where cocktail-infused guests can commemorate your special day. The best thing about photo booths is that they truly are for all ages. And definitely, photo-bombing is encouraged.

Raise a glass.

Wine drinking has become a new national pastime, so treat your wedding guests to a wine tasting. You can do a straight tasting or do a food pairing. Hire a local sommelier to oversee the tasting so he can answer questions about the wine. You can either offer a variety or pick one type – such as a selection of ports.

Get a warm-up act.

If you live anywhere near a city, odds are you have stand-up comedians working local clubs. Hire one to entertain your guests during the dinner, dessert, or afterwards. If there are children or the easily offended present, it might be prudent to find a clean comic.


Many of your guests will enjoy having their caricature drawn. Having a drawing of the wedding party would be a unique keepsake.


Once the traditional slow dances are out of the way and the band gears up, it may be difficult to get people out onto the dance floor while they still have a low blood alcohol level. Consider hiring a few dancers to get the party started and to offer lessons to those burning to learn the salsa.


Take a cue from the carnival and have different entertainers or activities lingering around your wedding reception, such as a magician, a fortune teller, and a chair masseuse.


Forget karaoke using a DJ. The new trend is to have a karaoke band — essentially a cover band able to play hundred of songs. Instead of singing to pre-recorded music, you sing with the live band. From “My Way” to “Rappers’ Delight” to “Sweet Caroline,” give your guests a chance to channel their inner crooner or rock star.


Not all entertainment has to be costly. Play a game of Pictionary, charades, or Apples to Apples. Have tables set up with board games from Candyland to Scrabble. Have a jigsaw puzzle. It’s both a great way to keep younger guests entertained and get wedding guests to interact with one another.

There was a time when sending off the bride and groom required little more than good wishes and a box of Uncle Ben’s. No more. Now there are wedding ceremony send-offs as the couple leaves the church/venue/beach and reception send-offs as they figuratively or literally leave to embark on their honeymoon.

In many cases, the send-off is more than just a grand exit symbolic of starting a new life together — it also doubles as a well-orchestrated photo op. So the goal is to devise a fun send-off that complements the couple’s personality and makes a great memory and even better picture. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Whimsical, colorful, and photogenic, bubbles have become a popular send-off accessory. Bubbles work best during the day, and one photographer says that for the best visual, have guests and the bridal party start blowing bubbles before the couple emerges from the church or reception venue. That way, the air is filled with floating balls of happy.

A word of warning: A blizzard of bubbles has to land somewhere and can lead to slippery steps. So make sure the bride and groom tread lightly so they don’t spend their honeymoon in a walking cast.

Go Low-Tech

Let it take a village to send off the happy couple. Have the bridal party and any willing guests stand in two lines facing each other, then have each pair make an arch with their arms (think pee wee softball) to create a kind of send-off tunnel.

The Rice Alternatives

Tradition has it that the rice grains were supposed to bestow fertility. But there are more colorful alternatives. You can buy eco-confetti at party stores (which dissolves in water when hosed away), or you can buy colored paper and make your own using a hole punch. Some couples put packets of the confetti into the front of the wedding program so it’s right at hand for after the ceremony.

You can also toss rose or other kinds of flower petals, channel your inner rhythmic gymnast and wave ribbon wands, or toss beach balls, especially appropriate at a beach wedding. Lavender buds are growing in popularity because they are both eco-friendly and fragrant.

Ring Them Bells

Hand out bells so guests can literally ring in the new marriage.

Light Up the Night

Night send-offs offer different opportunities, such as colorful wish lanterns, glow sticks, or tiki torches. Right now the most popular evening send-off has to be sparklers. They can be used as de facto torches lighting the couple’s way. They can be grouped on the ground to form a photo op heart or spell out a message. Visually, sparklers at night are dramatic and fun, and photographed properly, they make for stunning pictures.

Getaway Vehicle

While many newlywed couples may consider limos the ultimate send-off ride, it really depends on the personality of the bride and groom. Pretty much anything that rolls, floats, or flies can work: a horse-drawn carriage, a motorcycle, a hot-air balloon, a two-seater bike, jet skis, a classic car, a Prius, or a speedboat. The point is for the couple to stay true to their personalities and styles.