5 Songs With The Word ‘Wedding’ In Them

There are lots of wedding songs that couples can select from for their wedding. There aren’t as many that actually have the word “wedding” in them. There are a lot of songs, but not all that many that are actually pretty nice songs that you might decide to have played or performed at your wedding.

Going off the beaten path a little bit, here are 5 wedding songs with the word “wedding” in them that you might enjoy. Some of these were actually pretty popular at one point but their day has come and gone. One of these, the last one, isn’t even on an album, but once the video got out from the live performance many couples decided they wanted this song performed at their wedding. We hope you enjoy this bit of entertainment on a wonderful Friday, and don’t forget to check more on Bridepower.com for your wedding information and, of course, discount wedding dresses.

Hawaiian Wedding Song – Andy Williams

Wedding Song – Paul Stookey

Wedding Vows in Vegas – Was Not Was 2/Frank Sinatra Jr

Wedding Day – Bee Gees

Wedding Bells – Coldplay

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2 Responses to 5 Songs With The Word ‘Wedding’ In Them

  1. Yes, a really musical song with peace and tranquility in its feel, a song I enjoy singing myself and if I think too much about love I would cry over and over, however to me ANDY DOES IT REAL JUSTICE and is my favorite.

    • Mitch says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jake. True, it was hard to get many singers better than Andy Williams back in the day.