Wedding Dress Designer Ade Bakare

Ade BakareThere is always something unique that comes from wedding dress designers who learn the art of integrating traditional wedding styles along with the traditions of their home countries. They learn the skills which allow them to create styles that might be exclusive to their region of the world as well as creating styles that the rest of the world will embrace as well.

Ade Bakare is one such wedding dress designer. Although he doesn’t only concentrate on wedding designs, they are a big part of his collection, and he is known as a wedding dress designer that very few can match.

Ade Bakare comes from Nigeria, not known as a hot spot for training wedding dress designers. He became interested in fashion around the age of eight, and he was lucky enough to have a mother who was accommodating and supportive of his hobby. After graduating from college with a degree in history, Bakare was able to relocate to Manchester England to study fashion and design at the University of Salford.

He won numerous design awards, but never even thought about getting into wedding gown design until a friend of his asked him to design her dress for her wedding. Her request was for a dress that would not only be glamorous on her wedding day, but a dress that she could wear to other functions as well. He ended up designing a sort of ball gown dress for her, which included a detachable part so that it would work well for other functions. Creating this multi-function dress got Bakare interested in wedding gown designs and he had his first showing in 1993.

Bakare opened his first boutique in 1997 catering to only exclusive clientele. It wasn’t until 2006 that he opened his second boutique, this time in Lagos Nigeria. Although it took them a while, he realized that there were a lot of people in his home country who wanted the exclusive wedding gown designs that only he could create.

In Nigeria, he not only caters to the wealthy but to the general public as well. In August 2009, he was the leading designer for both the bride and groom of billionaire families. The wedding ensembles he creates use traditional African fabric and colors, along with lots of embroidery.

Bakare is one of the most sought out designers in the world for both regular and wedding fashions. His designs price from very expensive to affordable. Every bride should make sure they check out his designs to see if there is something for them. Bakare’s wedding dresses start from around $1,500.

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