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Do you know how much the most expensive wedding dress in history cost? How about $12 million dollars? What made it that expensive? The addition of 150 carats of diamonds, for a dress presented by the Renee Strauss bridal salon of Beverly Hills, which caters to celebrities and the rich.

Another very expensive dress, made in 2006, featured over 1,000 pearls, one of the world’s only two 5 carat white gold diamonds, and came in at a stout $8.5 million dollars. With both of these dresses, the rest of the materials were standard for wedding dresses, and it was the accessorizing that made them what they were.

However, for something truly different, there was another wedding dress that comes in just over $1.4 million, and it’s made out of peacock feathers. You read that right, peacock feathers, the tail feathers to be more specific, along with 60 Hetian Chinese jade stones and an almost 10-foot train.

The truth is that you can pretty much have a wedding dress made out of anything these days. There are some pretty creative designers in this world that love a challenge, and would love dressing women in all sorts of fabrics and designs. And not all of them are super expensive, although a strapless wedding dress recently exhibited by Tutera, the host of My Fair Wedding, came in at just over $500,000. It was made with platinum colored silk tulle, which is a lightweight, very fine netting fabric, 10 feet of platinum chain, 33 carats of diamonds, 145 carats of aquamarine, white keshi pearls, and a white south sea pearl pendant.

A woman in China recently got married in a paper wedding dress designed by a friend of hers. It took 2 1/2 months to create, made out of cotton paper and highlighted with silver lining. It had a 5-foot train, and lots of paper fabric building up the silhouette. As lavish as that sounds, there’s a yearly competition in the United States where designers create dresses out of toilet paper in a competition, with the criteria being that the dress has to actually be able to be worn in a wedding. And these dresses need to be made inexpensively because first prize is only $1,000.

If you as the bride have a fabric that you like better than silk or satin, why not take them to a local designer to see if they can create something for your wedding day? There have even been wedding dresses made out of burlap; I’ve never heard how comfortable they are, though.


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