Hottest Bridal Veils for 2013

Wedding gowns were not the only thing featured on the runway for 2013. Designers were also showing off the newest and hottest trends for wedding veils. There was one thing lacking in the veils, and that was the quick return of the “poofy” veil that we saw last year. It is probably safe to say that most brides won’t mind this fad being long gone. Also, birdcage veils seem to be declining in popularity just a bit. For a while they were all the rage, but not so much at recent bridals shows. They are still around and still lovely, just not something that is being highlighted this season. Below are some of the top trends for you to keep in mind for your upcoming big day!

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Traditional Bridal Wedding VeilTraditional veils: Yes, the traditional wedding veil has returned, and in a big way. Expect to see plain yet elegant tulle veils, some with blushers (that cover the bride’s face) and some without. The tulle seems to be made with the sheerest of fabrics and looks very feminine yet can go with any bridal gown. The most popular length looks to be the fingertip style—which is just as it sound. Shorter veils were also seen (elbow length), so the choice is yours. Simple is chic again!

Wedding Veil Cathedral StyleCathedral veils: The recent wedding of William and Kate has really boosted the love of the cathedral veil. This type of veil measures at least 90 inches long and is meant to flow past the train of the dress. Although these veils have a real “wow” factor, be careful if you choose to go this route. A cathedral veil can be very tough to maneuver and should never be chosen for an outdoor wedding—stains are bound to happen, as well as it getting caught on numerous things. This veil should be chosen for a very formal, indoor wedding. Normally, after the ceremony, this veil is taken off for the bride’s comfort.

Embellished Style Wedding Bridal VeilEmbellished veils: The traditional and cathedral veils are both available with embellishment if you want to have that extra something to your bridal ensemble. The big trend is lace, whether it is white, in patches, or very subtle, it really gives a soft and detailed look to any veil. Designers are doing more intricate lace designs that are simply stunning. Lace seems to be the new bling! Remember, any embellishment on a veil will raise the cost.


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