The Pregnant Bride: Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Women

wedding dresses for pregnant women

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It’s a good time for brides who are pregnant.  There are so many more wedding dresses for pregnant women, and the stigma of being pregnant and getting married has pretty much gone away, although there are always some stalwarts who will hold on to what they believe is tradition.

For instance, there was always this belief that pregnant brides couldn’t wear white because white was the virginal color, and of course pregnant brides weren’t virgins.  Truth be told, in older times virginal brides didn’t often wear white, but wore black, which was much more popular because virginal brides were considered targets that had to be hidden from evil spirits.  It’s amazing how times and mores will alter design.

Also, for anyone who’s studied Jewish history, when it came to the line of succession for kings, potential brides have to prove that they could bear children, so there weren’t any kings who married women who hadn’t proven they could conceive children.  And when it came time to marry, those brides wore white.  Therefore, there’s a lot of proof that history doesn’t support this concept of whites and virgin brides.

Having said that, these days brides can find a host of wedding gowns specifically made for them.  And they will be created based on how far along the pregnancy is.  For instance, if a bride is six months pregnant, dresses can be found with extra fabric high up on a fairly loose bodice so that the wedding gown isn’t pushing down on the bride’s stomach.  Also, designers will create highlights to take away attention from the stomach, giving some brides a pretty sleek look at they’re walking down the aisle.

Also, there’s brides have more options as to whether they want to highlight their newly increased cleavage or not.  While V-neck gowns might not be appropriate for everyone, scoop necked dresses seem to be very popular for these brides, especially if cleavage wasn’t something they felt they were blessed with previously.

There’s also more attention given to brides as it pertains to shoes that are more comfortable.  Expecting a bride who’s five or six months pregnant to be wearing 3 to 5 inch heels might be a bit much, although some will troop it out.  So, designers are creating flats that have a lot of style and color, since there’s nothing saying brides must wear white shoes with a white gown, or with whatever color of gown they wish to choose.

All of today’s brides have a lot of options across the board, including pregnant brides.  All they have to do is select what they like; it’s nice having choices.

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  1. It is good to see that pregnant brides now have some good-looking, good-fitting options. I really hate to go to a wedding and see the bride stuffed into a too-tight dress or wearing what amounts to little more than a sack. Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day.
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